Bi-Partisan Praise for Biden Pick

ImageUnless you are a part of the McCain campaign, Barack Obama’s selection of Joe Biden as his running mate is drawing bi-partisan praise from Chuck Hagel, Dick Luger, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Kennedy.

Five Reasons Why Joe Biden Was the Right Choice

ImageSome, mostly Hillary Clinton supporters, will argue that Joe Biden was not the best choice to be Barack Obama’s running mate, but below are five reasons why he was the best choice for the Obama ticket.

The Great Obama/Bayh Bumper Sticker Rumor

ImageTV station KMBC in Kansas City is reporting that a Lenexa, Kansas company is printing Obama/Bayh literature. Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the Obama campaign’s secrecy about this announcement was ruined by a bumper sticker?

5 Ways Barack Obama Can Get His Groove Back

ImageSince the end of the Democratic primary Barack Obama has faced a barrage of negative advertising that has cost him his lead, and the turned the 2008 presidential election into a tie. Below are five things that Obama can do to get his lead back.

Is Virginia 2008’s Ohio and Florida?

ImageWith recent polls showing that John McCain leads in Indiana and North Carolina and Barack Obama leading in Pennsylvania and Michigan the electoral map is starting to l