The Whiny Little Bitch Series: Cindy McCain

ImageThis past weekend, Cindy McCain decided to jump aboard the “Whiny Little Bitch” train by crying to a group of supporters at a fundraising event that “the big, bad media” is picking on her husband and his campaign.

Obama Asks McCain What Economy Are You Talking About?

ImageAs we hit another low in the financial crisis that has struck the United States, John McCain put his ignorance of the economy on full display, by once again saying that the economy is fundamentally strong. This prompted his rival for the presidency Barack Obama to ask McCain, what economy are you talking about?

Here is the video of McCain in Florida expressing his belief that the fundamentals of economy are strong:

Biden Debunks the McCain Equals Change Myth

ImageWhile campaigning in Michigan today Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden retaliated against the idea that John McCain equals change and a better economy by comparing McCain and Bush specifically on the issues of the economy, healthcare, taxes, and energy.

Palin and the Convention Power Obama to a New Fundraising Record

ImageIn what is likely going to become a monthly event, the Obama campaign announced today that they have shattered their own fundraising record of $55 million by raising $66 million in August. There is little doubt that the combination of the Democratic Convention and the selection of Sarah Palin have energized Democrats.

Obama: McCain Wants to Tax Your Health Insurance

Obama: McCain Wants to Tax Your Health Insurance presidential candidate Barack Obama hammered John McCain on the issue of taxes today, while speaking in Dover, NH. Obama specifically pointed out that McCain’s healthcare plan would tax workers’ health insurance benefits.

Sarah the Hockey Mom’s Lame Hat Trick

ImageOn Thursday, Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, who had basically been sequestered by her own campaign for fear of exposure, finally crawled out from beneath the home ice and gave her very first interview with a member of the press.

Palin Tried to Bluff Her Way Through the Bush Doctrine

ImageIn her first solo network television interview Sarah Palin appeared clueless when asked about the Bush Doctrine by ABC’s Charlie Gibson. When Palin was asked about the Bush Doctrine, she appeared not to know what it was.

Here is the video:

Osama Bin Laden: The Forgotten Man of 9/11

ImageToday Barack Obama, John McCain, and George W. Bush all spoke on the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and none of them mentioned Osama Bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader who is still at large. Why have our political leaders forgotten Bin Laden?

Poll: Obama Leads as Economy Trumps Palin in Pennsylvania and Ohio

ImageWhile the selection of Sarah Palin has helped John McCain expand his lead in Florida, and narrow the gap in Pennsylvania, Obama has actually increased his lead in Ohio according to a new Quinnipiac University swing state poll. Overall, Obama still leads in two of the three swing states.

Ralph Nader and Ron Paul Call for a Rejection of the Two Party System

ImageThe event may have been largely ignored by the mainstream media, but Ron Paul hosted a press conference today that featured all of the major third party candidates, with the exception of Bob Barr, who is still trying to get Paul’s endorsement. The point of today’s event was to promote third party unity and call on Americans to reject the closed two party system.

Campaign ’08: The Missouri Report

ImageWelcome to a new column here at For the next couple of months, until the election in November, I will be posting a news report at least once a week detailing how the election is playing out in the state of Missouri, a key swing state.

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama Leads by One, 47%-46%

ImageThe results of the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll was just released, and these poll results confirm what three other national polls this week have shown, this race is a dead heat. So far this week, we have seen the ABC, CNN, CBS, and now the NBC poll all show this race as a tie.

Obama: It’s Time to Change Our Policy in Iraq

Obama: It’s Time to Change Our Policy in Iraq

ImageToday Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama spoke to reporters after President Bush announced that troop levels in Iraq would remain mostly unchanged. He used his remarks to connect George W. Bush and John McCain, but my question is, if we really are winning in Iraq why do we need 140,000 troops there?

Poll: No Convention Bounce for McCain/Palin

ImageA new CNN/Opinion Research poll has the presidential race has the presidential race between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack dead tied at 48%. Even with Ralph Nader and Bob Barr factored into the race, Obama and McCain are still tied at 45%.