Sarah Palin: The Invisible Woman

ImageIn 1952, an American novel was published that would go on to earn not only great acclaim but a well-deserved place in the classic American “Canon,” taught to high school students and college scholars alike.

Obama Laughs off Palin’s National Security Experience

ImageDuring his interview on ABC’s This Week program this morning, Obama laughed off the idea that Sarah Palin has more national security experience than he does. He also took the Republicans to task for mocking his time as a community organizer.

Obama: They Must Think You’re Stupid

ImageIn his sharpest criticism yet of John McCain and Sarah Palin, Barack Obama went after the idea that the Republicans represent change while campaigning in Terre Haute, IN today.

McCain Loses Key Clinton Supporter Over Palin

ImageThe Page blog is reporting that Democratic activist and Hillary Clinton supporter Reba Shimansky has withdrawn her support of John McCain over his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate.

A Liberal’s View of the Republican National Convention: Day 3

ImageI got home a little late tonight and got in just as Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard, is speaking. I’ll leave her “comments” alone as I didn’t see all of it. I’ll start tonight’s “running diary” of the GOP convention with the first speaker I had the opportunity to fully observe.

8:08pm—Mitt Romney’s on stage. Wait, what? Romney’s on stage? Who decided to let him out of the Christian fundamentalist doghouse?

The Myth of Sarah Palin the Reformer

ImageThe presidential campaign of John McCain put out an ad today that sought to redefine his running mate Sarah Palin as more of a reformer than Barack Obama. The problem is that this so called reformer is governor of a state that depends on royalties from the oil and gas companies for 80% of its revenues.

Here is the ad:

Bush Passes the 9/11 Torch to McCain

ImagePresident George W. Bush told America tonight that the nation needs John McCain. Considering that Bush has exhibited terrible judgment all through his presidency, this should be reason enough for America to collectively run screaming away from McCain.

McCain Camp: Obama’s Argument on Experience is Laughable

ImageAlthough it defies all logic and common sense, the McCain campaign continued to paint Sarah Palin as more experienced and qualified to be president than Barack Obama. What is laughable is that the McCain campaign thinks that people are stupid enough to buy the argument that Palin is even remotely qualified to be on this ticket.

From Russia With Tanks

ImageRussian tanks have spelled victory and freedom for the world from Nazi tyranny, when the monstrous machines rumbled through the ruined streets of Berlin some six decades ago. We should all be thankful for the Soviet-Russian contribution to the Second World War for without it, I might be writing this column in German.