Poll: Obama Is Winning the Personality and Values Contest

ImageThe latest AP-Yahoo News poll was released today and it confirms what many election watchers already know. John McCain’s negative campaign against Barack Obama has completely backfired. Carrying out a negative campaign when McCain isn’t well liked has resulted in Obama’s favorables going up, and McCain’s going down.

McCain Robocalls Deliver Obama-Ayers Smear

ImageIgnoring all signs that their negative campaign against Barack Obama is backfiring, John McCain and the Republican Party continue to try to label their opponent as a terrorist by using robocalls in swing states like Virginia, Maine, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. There is also a direct mail piece from the Republican Party in Virginia that links Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden.

McCain Hints at Campaigning with Joe the Plumber

ImageIn an interview with Fox News today, John McCain hinted that he could be soon campaigning with Joe the Plumber. The problem for McCain is that his latest gimmick held a press conference today where he sounded less like a concerned middle class citizen, and more like an empty headed neo-con.

The Obama Plan to Stay Aggressive

ImageEver the cautious candidate, Barack Obama warned his supporters at a fundraising breakfast today not to get too cocky about their lead over John McCain, but due to his lead, Obama does have a chance to extend his campaign into more red states, to potentially give himself a mandate and extend the Democratic congressional majority.

Polls: Obama Won The Final Debate

ImageThe latest CBS News poll of undecided voters finds that by a 53%-22% margin, they thought Obama won the debate. Twenty four percent thought that the debate was a draw. The CNN poll of voters watching the debate thought Obama won the debate 58%-31%. This means that according to the polls, Barack Obama swept the debates.

Obama Talks To America, and McCain Talks to Joe the Plumber

ImageIf you are wondering to yourself, who is Joe the Plumber and why does John McCain seem obsessed with him, join the club. Both candidates had a good debate performance, the difference is that Obama talked about the economy for the middle class while McCain talked about a guy who wants to buy a business.

Obama Squashes The GOP ACORN Smear

ImageDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama took a break from preparing for the third presidential debate tomorrow night to explain that he is not involved with the voter registration group ACORN, “We’ve got the best voter registration and turnout and volunteer operation in politics right now and we don’t need ACORN’s help.”

McCain Camp Continues the Obama is a Terrorist Smear

ImageEven though John McCain himself continues to say that Barack Obama is not a terrorist, his presidential campaign continues to press the Obama is a terrorist smear. The latest attack came from McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb who claims that Obama and Ayers are friends, so the Democrat does pal around with terrorists.

Poll: Palin is in Free Fall as Obama Leads in CO, MI, MN, and WI

Poll: Palin is in Free Fall as Obama Leads in CO, MI, MN, and WI

ImageThe latest Quinnipiac University/ Wall Street Journal/Washington Post swing state poll was released today, and it finds Barack Obama surging ahead of John McCain in the critical swing states of Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The big news is that Obama now leads McCain with men in each state, and Sarah Palin has completely fallen apart.

Biden Mocks Palin on Global Warming

ImageAt a campaign stop in Rochester, New Hampshire, today Joe Biden took the gloves off against Sarah Palin, by openly mocking her debate answer on the cause of global warming, and he repeated the campaign’s promise to end the Iraq war.

John McCain’s Fading Hopes in Pennsylvania

ImageJohn McCain trails Barack Obama by an average of 13.8% in Pennsylvania. Democratic voter registration has jumped by half a million, and they now enjoy a 1.2 million voter edge in the state. Obama is outspending McCain by millions of dollars here, yet the McCain campaign vows to fight on in a state that they have little chance of winning.

Lewis: McCain and Palin Are Playing With Fire

ImageIn a statement posted on his reelection website, former civil rights leader and current Democratic congressman John Lewis accused the presidential campaign of John McCain of playing with fire, and using tactics that are taking America down a dangerous path.

Goodbye Sarah, Troopergate Report Finds She Abused Her Authority

Goodbye Sarah, Troopergate Report Finds She Abused Her Authority

ImageA bipartisan Alaska legislative panel has found that Sarah Palin Abuses her authority as governor in firing the state’s public safety commissioner. The report finds that she violated the public trust. We can now close the book on the Sarah Palin gamble. Palin now has no credibility, and has likely destroyed her own ticket.

McCain Defends Obama as a Decent Family Man

McCain Defends Obama as a Decent Family Man

ImageFor the past few days, I have been seeing signs that John McCain wasn’t comfortable with the insinuations that Barack Obama is a Muslim or a terrorist, and this evening at a Minnesota town hall meeting, he defended Obama when one of his supporters called him an Arab terrorist.

Rick Davis Hurts McCain on the Economy Again

ImageThe stock market is suffering another triple digit loss today, but during a conference call with reporters, John McCain’s campaign manager Rick “The campaign isn’t about issues,” Davis said that the McCain campaign won’t be talking about the stock market everyday, because the campaign shouldn’t become a, “CNBC news show on the stock market.” Instead they spent their time trying to link Obama to the ACORN investigation.