Obama Launches A Massive Attack On McCain’s Healthcare Plan

ImageAs we head into the final month of the presidential campaign, Barack Obama is launching a major attack on John McCain’s healthcare plan that includes speeches, four new TV ads, four new mailers, and radio ads in battleground states. Obama calls McCain’s plan radical and says millions could end up uninsured.

Obama: McCain/Palin Know Something About Job Killing

ImageWhile speaking in Abington, PA today, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama talked about jobs, the criticism from McCain/Palin that the Obama economic plan would kill jobs. Obama said that the McCain camp know something about killing jobs, because their policies kill jobs every day.

Polls Say Biden Won the VP Debate

ImageTwo polls, one of uncommitted voters done by CBS, and one of debate watchers done by CNN say that Joe Biden won the debate against Sarah Palin. However it seems that the debate neither helped nor hurt either campaign.

Biden Brought Policy, Palin Talking Points

Image The first and only vice presidential debate was filled with talk of policy by Joe Biden, and talking points from Sarah Palin. If there was any doubt left that this woman doesn’t belong on a national ticket in any capacity, that doubt was answered tonight. Palin may have scored style points, but Biden is the person Americans should trust in the White House.

McCain Bails on Michigan Turns Hopes to Pennsylvania

ImageMichigan was once a state that look like a possible McCain win, but the bad economy along with not selecting Mitt Romney as his running has forced the McCain campaign to shut down their advertising and ground operations there, and pin their hopes on states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Minnesota.

Palin’s Collapse, Economy Power Obama to Leads in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

ImageQuinnipiac University’s polling institute released the results of their latest poll this morning (Wednesday). But this is no ordinary, generalized, national poll. Quinnipiac specifically polled the three biggest, most critical swing states: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Here is what the poll results showed:

Florida: Obama up 49% to 43% pre-debate and 51% to 43% post-debate

Ohio: Obama up 49% to 42% pre-debate and 50% to 42% post-debate

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