Kerry Or Richardson For Secretary of State

ImageA note in an AP story Rahm Emanuel being offered the chief of staff job caught my attention. According to some Democrats, John Kerry would like to be Secretary of State, but the freshly shaven Bill Richardson would also like the job, and let’s not forget the role of Joe Biden.

With Projected Ohio Win, Obama Will Be President

ImageAs I predicted John McCain wasted his time and money in Pennsylvania, as it was called for Obama about a minute after the polls closed, but the big flip was Ohio, which Obama is projected to win. This means that with only the West Coast, Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.

Vote NO On Prop 8

ImageIn a rare moment for California, it is cold and raining this morning. But as I pulled up to my voting place, I noticed many people braving the rain (ok, in CA it’s more like a dirzzle), and the cold (it was a “freezing” 65 degrees!), many of them eager–almost too eager–to cast their vote.

Vote Your Conscience, Save the World

Sometimes, as Americans, you do not realise how big your choice is.

Back in New Zealand, if I vote, I have a fairly clear idea of just how much my vote has an impact. The area of influence stops at somewhere around New Zealand maritime border. I know, with fair certainty, that the biggest impact my vote has internationally is on Japanese whalers and the occasional stray nuclear submarine.

Just witness the 2nd Iraq war, where New Zealand refused to join the US attack on Iraq. Impact this decision had on the International course of events? Absolutely none.

Anti-Abortion Groups Launch Obama Baby Killer Ads on Election Eve

ImageTwo anti-abortion groups, Missouri Right to Life, and the Family Research Council Action have launched ads on election eve which claim that Barack Obama supports infanticide, and he wants to overturn the ban on partial birth abortion.

The Missouri Right to Life ad is an excerpt from a longer video, which makes the claim that Obama supports infanticide.

Here is the video: