The Kennedy Double Standard

ImageIt seems that everyone has a bone to pick with the possibility of Caroline Kennedy replacing Hillary Clinton as the junior senator in New York. Oddly enough many of the criticisms being leveled against Kennedy could have been used against Clinton when she moved to the state, but weren’t.

Obama Looking to Exploit Fractures in the GOP

ImageThe leadership vacuum in the Republican Party is providing president elect Obama with a unique opportunity. On Monday he is holding a bi-partisan meeting with the congressional leadership, while later in that same week Republican leaders will hold a meeting without the RNC. Could Obama become a force in both parties?

A Slew of Obama Books to Hit the Shelves in January

ImageThere are at least 11 books coming out about Barack Obama in January. Most of these books are scheduled for release in time to take advantage of the next wave of Obamamania expected to strike around the time of his inauguration. Here are five titles that interested me.

Shoe Flies, Don’t Bother He

ImageI’ll give Dubya this much, he’s pretty nimble for a man in his sixties.

Perhaps if only Ed O’Neill ran for office would a political story dealing with shoes make so many headlines across the globe.