Glenn Beck Whines About Obama Not Giving Fox News a Question

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that Obama is weak because he did not call on Fox News at his news conference last night. Beck also called Helen Thomas a left wing activist columnist, and equated progressives to Marxists. I think somebody is a little upset today over not getting a question.

Fox Beats Obama News Conference with Lie to Me

There was much criticism of the Fox broadcast network for deciding not to show President Obama’s press conference last night, but Fox’s airing of Lie to Me beat the press conference, and was the #1 rated broadcast program at 8 PM. By the way, Obama showed his displeasure with Fox, but not giving Fox News a question last night.

The Surreal Video of Sarah Palin on American Chopper

On Thursday night, Gov. Sarah Palin will keep her face in the public’s mind with an appearance on American Chopper on TLC. Of course, Palin touted the value of having OCC build a chopper to commemorate Alaska’s 50 anniversary of statehood, and OCC’s patriotism. Paul Teutel chatting with Sarah Palin is just a little surreal. Check out the video.

Obama Mocks Fox News and the Tea Bag Protests

At a town hall meeting in Arnold, MO, President Obama took a not so veiled shot at Fox News and the tea bag protests. Obama talked about a certain news channel where he isn’t very popular and people waving tea bags around. Obama said that these people are playing games and pretending that the problem is the Recovery Act.

RNC Email: Specter Makes Obama Virtually Unstoppable

Here is a little test. One of your most senior senators just left your party. Do you A). Wish him well. B). Try to explain this away as a state level issue, or C). Call the senator a radical leftist, then try to use his departure as a fund raising tool. If you picked C, then you are qualified to run the Republican National Committee.

Ratings Growth for MSNBC’s The Ed Show

After a strong debut, MSNBC’s The Ed Show struggled in the ratings, but something interesting began to happen last week. Ed Schultz has been picking up viewers. His show has been tweaked, and he still isn’t even close to Fox News, but The Ed Show is starting to grow.

Limbaugh Urges Specter to take McCain with Him

Even while the GOP Rome burns, some still choose to fiddle. Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh wasn’t satisfied with Arlen Specter leaving his party. He said that “people” have been emailing him asking Specter to take John McCain and his daughter Meaghan with him.

Specter: I am Not an Automatic 60th Vote

At a press conference new Democrat Arlen Specter stated that he won’t be an automatic 60th vote for the Democrats. He promised to maintain his independence, and cited his continued opposition of the Employee Free Choice Act as an example, but Specter announced that President Obama will campaign for his reelection in PA.

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