Specter Urges Senate Support for Sotomayor

Recently turned Democratic Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania holds a key in the upcoming confirmation process for President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. In a statement today, Specter not only praised Sotomayor, but also urged the Senate to give her a full and fair confirmation process. Specter’s support all but confirms Sotomayor.

Limbaugh: Sonia Sotomayor is a Reverse Racist

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh quickly went on record as proclaiming that he wants Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor to fail. Rush said, “Do I want her to fail? Yeah.” He also called her a reverse racist appointed by the greatest living example of reverse racism. What is a reverse racist?

Memorial Day also means Not Forgetting about the troops Who Come Home

Memorial Day is more than a holiday for cookouts and afternoon baseball games. It is a holiday to remember those who the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Unfortunately the troops who survive and come home don’t have their own holiday, so today lets thank them too, and look at some of the problems vets from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts are facing.

Ridge and Powell Lead the GOP Moderates against Limbaugh

The dominate story of the Sunday morning talk shows was the moderate Republican counter attack led by Colin Powell and Tom Ridge against Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney. On CNN’s State of the Union, Ridge called Limbaugh “shrill and divisive,” and on Face the Nation, Powell called Limbaugh an entertainer who should be open to criticism.

Dick Cheney wants $2 Million for His Memoirs

According to the New York Times, former vice president Dick Cheney is asking for $2 million for his memoirs, which will cover his political career. Cheney’s book will be one of seven works that are being written by former members of the Bush administration. My question is who would pay millions for a book that is certain to end up in the dollar bin?

Karl Rove Blames Obama for Guantanamo Bay

After President Obama stated that he had inherited the legal mess of what to do with the GITMO detainees, Karl Rove went on the Brian and the Judge show yesterday and claimed that this was all Obama’s fault, even though it was the Bush administration’s opening of the facility that caused the problem in the first place.

Steele Blames 2008 on The Media’s Love for Obama’s Blackness

RNC Chair Michael Steele was guest hosting Bill Bennett’s radio show today where we found out that the era of Republicans not looking backwards lasted for two days. Steele blamed the GOP’s 2008 defeat on the media, who fell in love with Obama because he is black. Somebody needs to remind Steele again, that he too, is black.

Michael Steele: Confessions of a College Party Boy

RNC Chairman Michael Steele spoke to some Washington D.C. high school students for a C-SPAN Students and Leaders segment. Steele inspired the teens by telling them that he partied so much during his first year of college at John Hopkins that it got him kicked out of school. Steele said, “I partied my behind off.”

Limbaugh: Terrorists Should Give Obama’s Speech a Standing Ovation

During his radio show Rush Limbaugh claimed that President Obama apologized to the terrorists today for the actions of the past 8 years. Limbaugh said, “Were I a terrorist, I would have been prompted to give his speech a standing ovation today.” What Limbaugh finds so un-American is the idea that detainees should have rights and trials.

Cheney Waxes Nostalgically for the Good Old Days of 9/11

During his speech at the American Enterprise Institute today, former vice president Dick Cheney continued to offer up his version of the Bush administration. Today Cheney said that the release of two memos will lead to the Bush administration, “will stand up well in history,” but the most striking part of his speech was his fond remembrance of America’s fear after 9/11.

Ed Schultz Debates Ron Paul on The Ed Show

After Ed Schultz put Rep. Ron Paul in the Psycho Talk segment of his MSNBC show last week, because Paul wants limited federal spending on only constitutionally mandated programs, Rep. Paul came on his show tonight to defend his point, and engage in a passionate debate on the issues. Check this fun piece of video.

Limbaugh Continues to Mock Powell by Resigning as GOP Head

Rush Limbaugh continued his feud with Colin Powell today by announcing on his radio show that he was resigning as the titular head of the Republican Party. He then passed the baton to Powell and told him to lead the GOP to victory in 2010 and 2012. Did Rush Limbaugh just admit to running the Republican Party?