Harry Reid Screws Obama on Closing GITMO

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared in press conference today that he will not support GITMO detainees being held in the United States. Reid said that he supports Obama’s plan to close GITMO, but will not support, “terrorists to be released in the United States.” Reid is screwing Obama to save his reelection bid.

Rush Limbaugh Slaps Down another House Republican

Today Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) raised the ire of Rush Limbaugh by suggesting that there was room for Colin Powell and Rush Limbaugh in the GOP. He said Colin Powell is a better Republican than Rush, which sent Rush on a tirade against Colin Powell. How long before Price apologizes?

Nader Warns that the Reorganized GM Plans to Outsource Jobs to China

In a letter to Rep. Barney Frank and Sen. Chris Dodd today, Ralph Nader warned that GM is planning on using the government bailout and bankruptcy to eventually move production to China, so that they can import cars back into the US market. The result will be that the government will pay to keep GM alive, and help job growth in China.

Alan Keyes: Out of Jail and Unhinged on Fox News

After being arrested for protesting President Barack Obama’s speech at Notre Dame, Alan Keyes called into Fox News and went on an unhinged rant where he called Obama the focus of evil, and said that the Notre Dame leadership had committed a sin by inviting the president. Check out the video.

Rick Perry Flip Flops On Secession for Texas

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) became a national joke when he advocated that Texas secede from the United States during the tea party protests, but today Perry flip flopped and wrote that he never advocated secession, but instead was only trying to protect states Tenth Amendment rights.

Obama Triumphs At Notre Dame

President Barack Obama was warmly welcomed at Notre Dame’s commencement today. Obama used his speech to not only called for a reduction in abortions performed, and for two sides of a debate that will probably never agree on the issue, but they can have an open hearted and minded debate.

Liz Cheney Defends Dear Old Dad on Authorizing Torture

Former Deputy Sec. of State Liz Cheney was on ABC’s This Week today, and she defended her father Dick Cheney against a report this week that he wanted a detainee waterboarded to prove an Iraq/al-Qaeda connection. Cheney said that her dad would never substitute his own judgment for that of the CIA. Need she be reminded that her father once tried to declare his office a separate branch of the government?

Obama Describes Dick Cheney as a Man Still Fighting Lost Battles

The new issue of Newsweek features an interview with President Barack Obama where he, in part, discusses former vice president Dick Cheney’s recent criticism of him. Obama pointed out that Dick Cheney is still fighting the same battle on national security that he lost during the last few years of the Bush administration.

Steele Calls Same Sex Marriage a Burden on Business

The latest Republican argument against same sex marriage was delivered by RNC Chair Michael Steele who claimed today that same sex marriage raises health and life insurance costs for business owners. Of course, the same argument applies to traditional marriage, but Republicans aren’t against that…yet.

Ed Schultz Takes On Ron Paul

On the “Psycho Talk” segment of his MSNBC show tonight, Ed Schultz turned his attention to Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) who has suggested that the United States government should cut all funding that isn’t in the Constitution. Schultz pointed out that eliminating Departments like Education and Agriculture, would mean getting rid of food standards and safety.

Glenn Beck Compares the Obama Administration to the Holocaust

Glenn Beck Compares the Obama Administration to the Holocaust

On his Fox News show today Glenn Beck gave his studio audience a lecture about history by comparing the Obama administration to the Nazis and the bankers, auto industry executives, and AIG to the Jews. He stated that the American people won’t pay attention until the Obama administration comes for them. I think his comparison is insulting to Jews and memories of the Holocaust.

More Homophobia from Joe the Plumber

Joe the Plumber is back today. In an interview with Toledo, Ohio’s ABC 13, Joe the Plumber said that the sight of men kissing each other throws him off. Joe also bemoaned the fact that his book didn’t sell well, and said that he believes that he can stretch out his 15 minutes of fame for one more year.