Glenn Beck Labels the word Compassion Marxist Code

Glenn Beck went on a wild rant on his radio show today. He concluded that President Obama wants to appoint a Marxist judge to the Supreme Court, because Obama used the word compassion when talking about his potential Supreme Court pick. Beck said that the word compassion is Marxist code.

When it comes to torture, Condi Rice Isn’t Smarter than a 4th Grader

Former Sec. of State Condi Rice recently took questions from a few dozen students at the Jewish Primary Day Schools. A 4th grader asked Rice what she thought about what the Obama administration was saying about the Bush administration’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques. A 4th grader asked a question about torture. For people who think that morality doesn’t matter, think about that for a moment.

Has the Media Overhyped the Swine Flu?

On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning there was an interesting discussion about the media’s role in spreading panic about the swine flu. Mark Feldstein formerly of CNN, and currently of George Washington University pointed out that the news networks have a “vested economic interest in promoting fear.”

Sen. Hatch Accuses President Obama of Speaking in Liberal Activist Code

Sen. Orrin Hatch was on ABC’s This Week today, and quickly accused President Obama of wanted to select a liberal activist judge who will legislate from the bench. Hatch accused Obama of using the code words for a liberal, activist judge. He said justices should not take sides. Of course he did not include Antonin Scalia who Hatch vocally supports because he has no problem with a Republican partisan justice.

Glenn Beck Labels Himself 90% Chick

Glenn Beck might be a delusional conspiracy theorist, but at least he admits that he blubbers all the time and he is 90% chick.On his show recently, Beck claimed that his caring is misunderstood by the media, but I think Beck is the perfect voice for a Republican Party that has itself has become a blubbering mess.

Fox News Uses Doctored Video to Smear Al Gore

Laura Ingraham was guest hosting The O’Reilly Factor last night, and she went on the attack against Al Gore. She claimed that Gore’s climate change position has been very profitable for him. To make her point, Ingraham used doctored video of Gore’s recent congressional testimony that omitted Gore saying that he donates all of his profits back to the cause.

Ann Coulter Compares Waterboarding to Punishing Small Children

After months of relative silence, Ann Coulter resurfaced on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight, Coulter claimed that all normal people who have ever had a sibling, been through a fraternity hazing, or been on a sports team or misbehaved with small children have experienced waterboarding. Um Ann, waterboarding children would be child abuse.

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