GOP Rep. Neugebauer: Obama has Never Produced a Birth Certificate

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) was on a Texas radio station yesterday where here explained his support a Republican floated bill which would mandate that all presidential candidates file birth certificates with the Federal Election Commission. When asked about Obama about Obama’s citizenship he said, “I don’t know.” Perhaps he needs to visit

Maryland GOP Group Compares Obama to Hitler on Healthcare

The Republican Women of Anne Arundel County have posted a letter from their president, Joyce E. Thoman on their website that compared Barack Obama to Hitler and claims that Obama is blitzkrieging the American economy in an attempt to destroy it. Without seeing a bill, the letter also called healthcare reform terrifying.

Obama: The Iranian People Can Speak for Themselves

President Obama continued to walk a fine line with his position on Iran today. During his press conference Obama condemned the post election violence, and the regime’s attempt to blame the US for the protests, but he also continued to stand against US meddling, saying that the Iranian people must determine the structure of their own government.

Call Off the Amber Alert for Gov. Mark Sanford

It is no secret that Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) has been casting longing gazes towards the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, but over the past week, Sanford has proclaimed that the Obama stimulus is going to lead to slavery, then he went missing for four days until today. This is not the behavior of a potential 2012 party nominee.

McCain admits that the US has Few Options in Iran

Sen. John McCain kept up his call for US action in Iran today, while on CBS’ Face the Nation. McCain continued to criticize Obama’s approach to the violence in Iran, but when pushed he admitted that the United States has few options when it comes to dealing with regime. McCain justified meddling in Iran on the principle of freedom.

Obama Quotes MLK to Voice Support for the Iranian People

Today President Barack Obama released a statement about the Iranian government’s violent actions against its own people. Interestingly, Obama used a quote from Martin Luther King to voice his support for the Iranian people. The quote, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Hannity, Limbaugh, and Boortz Engage in a Healthcare Scarefest

The right wing media fear machine was hard at work trying to derail healthcare reform this week. Last night on his Fox News program, Sean Hannity claimed that healthcare reform will deny treatment to women with breast cancer. Neal Boortz claimed that Obama’s healthcare reform will kill people, and Rush Limbaugh denied the very existence of a healthcare crisis.

Henry Kissinger Praises Obama’s handling of Iran

Last night on FNC, former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger became one of the more high profile Republicans to endorse President Obama’s handling of the post election situation in Iran. Kissinger said that any vocal US support behind one of the contenders would handicap that person.

Jim Cramer: Everybody Wishes Obama Would Go Away

Jim Cramer was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, where he proclaimed that people are against healthcare because it means tax increases. Cramer said “This is all about taxes…when they hear healthcare reform it just means tax increases.” Cramer also said that everybody wishes Obama would go away for a bit.

CBS and NBC News Polls: Obama is Still Riding High

Two new polls were released this evening by the Wall Street Journal/NBC News and CBS News/New York Times, and overall the news is pretty good for President Obama who still enjoys a 60% or higher approval rating in both polls, while Republicans are suffering from a near 60% disapproval rating.