Bill O’Reilly Declares the Commerce Clause and the US Constitution BS

On his FNC show tonight Bill O’Reilly declared that the government does not have the right to force a person to buy health insurance. After asking for the definition of the Commerce Clause O’Reilly said, “This is total BS. This is why people hate lawyers. This is nuts.” Bill-O, constitutional scholar, thinks the constitution and the Commerce Clause are BS.

Shep Smith: Viewers Should Google Instead of Watching Fox News

On his FNC show Studio B with Sheppard Smith today, host Shep Smith went against the Fox News definition reconciliation as the nuclear option by explaining what it really involves, then he added, “If you are interested in this matter of reconciliation…you should go to Google and Google it…do your own research.”

Rush Limbaugh Responds to Getting Dissed By Jay-Z

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh responded to getting called out by Jay-Z on his recently leaked track Off That. Jay-Z told Rush to get off his balls, but Rush turned this into an attack on Obama. He said, “If we need to save our penises from anybody, it’s Obama.”I don’t think Limbaugh realized that he was dissed.

A Vacation Hasn’t Stopped Advertisers from Fleeing Glenn Beck

In response to the boycott campaign applied to Glenn Beck’s advertisers after the host called President Obama a racist by Color of Change, Fox News tried to cool things off by sending the controversial host on vacation. The result is that 16 more advertisers left Beck’s show while he was gone, which means that the strategy was a complete failure.

Glenn Beck Returns and Calls MSNBC Racist

Glenn Beck returned to his radio show today, and continued to play the race card, except now he has labeled MSNBC a racist network, because the network was talking about the angry white crowds protesting healthcare reform. We have one black guy with a gun, among a crowd of white faces, but MSNBC is racist.

CNN Weighs In On the Jon Stewart/Bill O’Reilly Feud

Media critic Howard Kurtz used a segment of his CNN show Reliable Sources today to discuss the Jon Stewart/Bill O’Reilly feud. Kurtz said that there was a valid point to Stewart’s criticism of O’Reilly. Some Fox News hosts have flipped from bashing liberal anti-Bush protesters to supporting conservative anti-Obama protesters.

Liberal and Conservative Myths about Health Care Reform

The one reality about the healthcare reform debate is that both the liberal and the conservative arguments contain their share of myths. From the right we are told that malpractice lawsuits cause the enormous increases in heathcare costs, and from the left we are told that cost increase due to health insurance company bureaucracies, but neither of these claims are true.

John McCain Stands by Sarah Palin on Death Panels

On ABC’s This Week, Sen. John McCain defended Sarah Palin’s claim that healthcare reform would result in death panels. McCain argued that reform could lead to death panels, “So what does, what does that lead to? Doesn’t that lead to a possibility, at least opens the door to a possibility of rationing and decisions made such are made in other countries?”

Verizon Wireless Stops Advertising on Glenn Beck

According to Credo Action, Verizon Wireless has become the latest advertiser to dump Glenn Beck. In an email, the group confirmed that the nation’s largest wireless telecommunications network has stopped advertising on Beck’s Fox News program. Even a week of vacation has not completely slowed the steam of the Beck advertiser defections.

Growing Progressively More Frustrated With Obama

I hate to say this, but I’m getting a little frustrated with my President. And I’m damned frustrated with my Congress. While I think President Obama’s wonderful nature and willingness to compromise are charming qualities, I think it essential for him to stand firm when it comes to REAL healthcare reform in our country

Bill O’Reilly Starts a Feud with Jon Stewart

On his FNC show The O’Reilly Factor last night, host Bill O’Reilly went after Jon Stewart when The Daily Show host used a segment Wednesday night to illustrate FNC’s ever changing opinion of protesters to make the claim that FNC has gone liberal. This joke set O’Reilly on the attack as he went on to claim that Stewart was playing to his liberal audience.

Fox News Denies Sending Glenn Beck on a Forced Vacation

TVNewser is reporting that Fox News has sent Glenn Beck on a forced vacation this week in an attempt to take some of the heat off of the host he has seen almost two dozen advertisers leave his show. Rumor has it that Beck himself was telling people that FNC forced him to take the week off. The network and Beck’s publicist have denied the report.

CNN and Fox News Duel over the Healthcare Nuclear Option

CNN and Fox News faced off today over the definition of the term nuclear option as it relates to healthcare. FNC claims that reconciliation is the nuclear option, while CNN explained that a simple majority of 51 votes is not a nuclear option. CNN is correct. The nuclear option is a Senate procedural move to end a filibuster.

Republicans Threaten Terrorist Attacks if Holder Investigates Torture

Republicans are playing the terrorism card to dissuade Attorney General Eric Holder from investigating torture. Nine GOP lawmakers have sent a letter to Holder warning that the U.S. could face a terrorist attack if the attorney general appoints a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA’s use of torture against “war on terror” suspects.

The Moral Imperative of Full Coverage for All Americans

Rev. Wallis also said we need to stop the hate at the Town Halls, and pointedly mentioned that lying about the plan is not right either. He quoted the bible, “I am my brother’s keeper”, and translated that to mean that we have a moral imperative to do the right thing, which is to take care of our fellow Americans, otherwise known as “all God’s Children”. Gee, this is the first I’ve heard that all of us count as God’s Children. This is news. Good news. Even the cities? I suppose so, because the Reverend didn’t try to divide American by region the way Republican haters like Palin and Bachmann have done.

Rush Limbaugh Defends Comparing Obama to Hitler

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh defended his comparisons of Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, but he also claimed to have never compared Obama and Hitler. That is interesting because here is some audio of Rush Limbaugh comparing Obama to Hitler.