Bill Maher Discusses the Republicans Casual Relationship with the Truth

Bill Maher was on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show tonight and in response to the new polling that showed that Republicans believe the misinformation campaign about health care reform, Maher pointed out that Republicans tend to have a casual relationship with the truth. He believes that Republicans are guided more by feeling and less by facts.

A Look at the Issues That the U.S. Health Care System is Facing

I worked in Health Care Administration for 11 years. In those years I saw the advent of Pre-Certification, HMO’s, PPO’s, PHO’s, and self-funded programs. All were intended to restrain the rising cost of health care. All were ‘private sector’/market-driven solutions. None worked. In this three part series, I will examine, the current system, the false solutions being offered, and make my own health care reform recommendations.

The Republicans are Coming, and They Want Your Medicare

Apparently, the Republican Clown Show is making decisions for us right now, even though we are in the majority. Sarah Palin’s infamous “death panel” lie has infected the dialogue and Newt grabbed her torch of cynical dishonesty. Newt, as you know, needs no help doing or saying whatever is most politically expedient for him. From there it spread to Grassley and then invaded the majority of the Republican representatives. They now won’t commit to whether or not they think Obama wants to kill grandma.

Fringe Group Attacks MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

The Western Journalism Center, a right wing group that is most famous for push Vince Foster conspiracy theories, has put out a You Tube video calling Rachel Maddow a liar, because she correctly pointed out on Meet the Press that never ran an ad that compared George W. Bush to Hitler. The problem is that they are wrong. MoveOn never ran the ad.

Right Wing Blames Obama for the Glenn Beck Advertiser Boycott

It was only a matter of time before Glenn Beck’s supporters started blaming President Obama for the advertiser boycott of Beck’s FNC program. Many on right claim that the boycott is censoring Beck. So Obama managed to take time away from trying to pass health care reform to pressure Glenn Beck’s advertisers? That certainly makes absolutely no sense.

Fox News Finally Admits There Are No Death Panels

Tonight on FNC’s Hannity, host Sean Hannity was discussing how the Democrats have pulled back on health care reform and the death panels, when FNC contributor Dick Morris corrected him and said that there never was any death panel. Dick Morris better watch it. The truth is a dangerous thing to utter on Fox News.

Wal-Mart and 7 Other Advertisers Drop Glenn Beck announced today that the nation’s largest retailer Wal-Mart has pulled its ads from Glenn Beck’s Fox News program. Seven other companies joined the retail giant, including Best Buy and CVS have stopped advertising on Beck’s program. This now means that 20 advertisers have left Glenn Beck since he called Obama a racist.

Joe the Plumber Wants To Beat Up Nancy Pelosi

Joe the Plumber was at the RightOnline blogger conference in Pittsburgh last weekend where he lamented the progress that doesn’t allow him to beat Nancy Pelosi for suggesting that it was un-American for protesters to disrupt town halls. Joe said that in the “good old day” he could take Pelosi behind the wood shed and beat the tar out of her.

Rachel Maddow is Becoming MSNBC’s Biggest Star

On Meet the Press today, it wasn’t Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, or Chris Matthews that was giving the progressive perspective on health care, but it was Rachel Maddow, who has seen her ratings soar as the nation debates health care reform. Maddow’s show has been rivaling Olbermann’s program as the top draw on MSNBC, and she could become the network’s biggest star.

Liberal Subversion: How to Use the Freedom Works Website to Tell Blue Dog Democrats to Support Health Care Reform

Freedom Works has set up a page where concerned Americans can tell Blue Dog Democrats to vote no to President Obama’s heath care plan. The problem is that the message is completely customizable, so with a few minor changes, you and your friends can use Freedom Works to tell the Blue Dogs to support health care reform. Here is how to do it.

Gun Opponents Target Obama

Today as President Obama and his family toured Yellowstone National Park, gun control advocates criticized the president for signing a bill that will allow guns to be carried into the national parks. As some on the left fume, it is becoming clear that this president has no interest in taking away anyone’s guns.

Limbaugh Orders the GOP Not to Compromise on Healthcare

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh ordered Republicans not to compromise on heathcare reform. He stated that there was nothing in the House healthcare bill worth having. Limbaugh said, “No, no this has to be stopped you don’t compromise with socialists. You beat them.”That’s it Rush, keep leading the GOP off the cliff.

GOP Strategist Debunks Latest Palin Death Panel Claim

On CNN today GOP strategist Karen Hanretty debunked Sarah Palin’s latest claim about a death panel provision in the healthcare bill. She said, “Obviously, there is nothing in the bill that says death panel. I think that is some heated rhetoric.” Hanretty is now one of the few Republicans to go on TV and tell the truth about the death panel claim.

Glenn Beck Loses 4 More Advertisers

The group has announced that four more advertisers have pledged to pull their ads from Glenn Beck’s Fox News Channel program. ConAgra (maker of Healthy Choice products), Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, and RadioShack will now join LexisNexis-owned, Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, SC Johnson and GEICO as former advertisers.

Beck States Only God Can Provide a Right to Healthcare

On his radio show today Glenn Beck invoked Jesus and God in his argument against universal healthcare. He said, “God doesn’t give healthcare. Man provides healthcare, so how can it be a right? If you are endowed by your creator with certain inalienable rights, how can a God given right be healthcare?” But is the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness also in the Declaration of Independence?

Last Year Sarah Palin Wanted to Kill Grandma Too

As Sarah Palin continues to refuse to back off of her claim that healthcare reform would create death panels, something interesting has emerged from her time as Alaska governor. Last year as governor, Palin endorsed end of life counseling in a Healthcare Decision Days Proclamation. Palin was for death panels before she was against them.

88 Professors Protest Former AG Gonazales at Texas Tech

Some 88 professors at Texas Tech University have signed a petition protesting the hiring of former U. S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Perhaps it is just me, but to have that many potential colleagues protest in writing seems a pretty strong statement about how Gonzales is accepted, or more precisely rejected by his would be peers.