Limbaugh Compares Obama to The Joker in The Dark Knight

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh compared President Obama to The Joker in The Dark Knight. Limbaugh said, “The Joker in that movie took every opportunity to remake Gotham City…His goal was to undermine the whole current system and to effect the change that the people Gotham City didn’t want.” Did Rush see The Dark Knight?

Glenn Beck Begs His Viewers Not to Turn Violent

The violence brewing in video clips of the astroturffing tea baggers hell bent on making sure no intelligent debate can take place in Town Hall meetings regarding Healthcare has thrown even the unflappable, calm, rational ex-clown, Glenn Beck, into a tizzy of fear. Glenn Beck has begged his viewers not to turn violent.

Keith Olbermann Blasts Blue Dog Democrats Who Oppose Healthcare Reform

Tonight on his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann took aim at the Democrats who are in the pockets of the healthcare sector that are blocking healthcare reform. He warned, “You were elected to serve the people, and if you fail to pass or support this legislation the full wrath of the progressive and the moderate movements in this country will come down on your heads.”

Republican Lynch Mobs Try to Destroy Healthcare Reform

A leaked memo reveals what’s behind the crazies claiming they “don’t want no socialized medicine” at recent Town Halls. Republicans are coordinating an assault and harassment campaign of Democratic leaders’ Town Hall meetings in an effort to kill Health Care Reform and fool lawmakers into believing there is wide-spread opposition to the notion of human beings in a civilized nation being given access to health care.

Palin’s Lawyer Threatens Kindergarten Teacher

Why so angry, Sarah? It seems an Alaskan blogger, Gryphen, who writes at The Immoral Minority and the Alaska Report broke a story Saturday morning that the Palins’ marriage was in “spitsville” due to affairs on “both sides”. In response, Palin’s lawyer shook his fist at Gryphen, and threatened that if he did not take down his blog report by 3 PM, he will be served papers at the kindergarten where he works!

FNC’s Juan Williams: Glenn Beck is Out of Touch With Reality

FNC’s Juan Williams was on C-SPAN yesterday, and he had some comments about Glenn Beck’s claims that President Obama is a racist. Williams said, “People are just saying things to stir the pot or to create an audience for themselves, because I don’t see it. There’s no reality to that,” even FNC contributors think that Beck struggles with reality.

John McCain: Palin is the Feminists’ Worst Nightmare

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Sen. John McCain spoke about Sarah Palin. McCain said that “To the liberal left, particularly the feminists, she is their worst nightmare.” McCain was trying to compliment Palin, and he was correct Palin is their worst nightmare, because she sets the cause of women’s rights back 100 years.

The Mississippi River Bridge Was Falling Down, Falling Down, Falling Down

Two years ago, yesterday, in Minneapolis the I-35 W Mississippi River Bridge (known officially as Bridge 9340) like the London Bridge in the Nursery Rhyme came falling down during the peak of rush hour, 6:05 PM, CDT. Many of those who are fond of chanting that we are the greatest country in the world, we’re number one, haven’t paid attention to the changes in our infrastructure in the last 50 to 60 years.

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