Women Cling to Their Constitutional Rights as Republicans Pass Invasive Privacy Laws

At the same time as Republicans are fighting Healthcare Reform and Universal Healthcare for all as a socialist program and denouncing government involvement in healthcare, they are inserting themselves in between a patient and her doctor, invading the patient’s privacy and medical history, and attempting to interfere in a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion in her first trimester.

Poll: Heading in 2010 the GOP Has Gained No Ground

According to the new Washington Post poll, the Republican Party has gained no ground on the Democrats on the generic congressional ballot. Those polled favor Democratic candidates 51%-39%. This represents no change from 2008 when Democrats led 52%-37%, and 2006 when Democrats led 51%-45%.

Beck Compares Fox News to the National Enquirer

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck warned that the Obama White House is trying to isolate Fox News, and he compared the network that he works for the National Enquirer, which could be the most accurate thing that Glenn Beck has ever uttered on his radio show.

Limbaugh Mocks Reports of Children Dying From H1N1

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh mocked reports that children are dying from H1N1. Limbaugh accused the administration of using the swine flu body count to promote healthcare. Limbaugh said, “It’s a new battlefield, but the same thing, battlefield deaths, the new swine flu body count, all because the priority is healthcare.”

The Obama Administration Continues to Challenge Fox News

David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel hit the Sunday talk show circuit and continued to redefine Fox News as a political organization. Axelrod said that FNC isn’t really a news organization, and that they are pushing a point of view. Emanuel said that the network is so much a news organization, but a perspective. The White House is not going pretend that FNC is fair and balanced.

Limbaugh Blames Obama for His Failed NFL Ownership Bid

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh descended into conspiracy theories as he blamed the Obama people for his rejected bid to become a minority owner of the St. Louis Rams. Limbaugh said, “Obama, the Obama people have got their hooks in the NFL. I am assuming that when Limbaugh gets a cold, he blames Obama for that too.

Jon Stewart Needles Glenn Beck over Swine Flu Vaccine

Last night on The Daily Show, as part of his ‘Doubtbreak ’09” segment, Jon Stewart sarcastically pilloried the news media’s coverage of H1N1 and the imminent availability of a swine flu vaccine, especially FNC’s Glenn Beck. Stewart pointed out to Beck that, “I think the virus is more interested in killing you than the government is.”

Glenn Beck Names the “Marxists” in the Obama Administration

Glenn Beck’s Red Scare Revival 2009 continued on his FNC program today where he named the names of the Marxists in the Obama administration. Beck named Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Carl Browner, and Cass Sunstein as Marxists because they support social justice and environmental justice. In Beck’s mind, any progressive cause is Marxist.

CNN Refuses to Air Anti Lou Dobbs Ad

CNN announced today that they will not air an ad urging the network to drop controversial anchor Lou Dobbs during their much hyped “Latino in America” series next week. The ad urges CNN’s viewers to tell the network to, “drop the hate, drop Lou Dobbs.” It had been reported that CNN would air the ad, but this afternoon the network said it won’t.

Limbaugh Attacks The NFL as a Liberal and Racist Organization

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh took out his bitterness over not being able to become an owner of the St. Louis Rams on the NFL. Limbaugh said that he was demonized with false quotes so that the NFL could protect their, “outpost of racism and liberalism.” I hope Limbaugh realizes that 90% of the NFL’s political contributions go to Republicans, not Democrats.

Republicans Continue to Waste Millions of Dollars on Abstinence Only Education

Recently, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) succeeded in getting passed in the Senate Finance Committee a new measure to re-fund the disastrous Abstinence Only Sex Education that clearly was so ineffective under the eight years of the Bush Administration. The measure would restore $50 million dollars in funding to what is nothing more than a failed ideological experiment.