On MSNBC Donny Deutsch Calls Rush Limbaugh a Douche

When Donny Deutsch appears on MSNBC, for better or worse, something interesting always happens. Today he was on Morning Joe talking about Rush Limbaugh when he called Rush a “megalomaniac and a scary, distasteful, human being,” and while talking about Limbaugh’s bid to own an NFL team called him a douche.

Beck: Fox News is the Victim of Obama’s Holocaust

On his radio show today Glenn Beck claimed Barack Obama is on a mission to take out Fox News or any media that challenges him. Beck called Obama a dictator, and compared Fox News to the Jews during the Holocaust, while warning that when Obama is done with FNC, he is going to come after other news organizations.

Is the Nobel Peace Prize behind Obama’s Jump in Approval Ratings?

According to today’s Gallup daily tracking poll, President Obama’s approval rating has gained five points in the past week, and has jumped to 56%. The Gallup poll now matches other national polls that have seen the president’s numbers rising lately, but is his winning the Nobel Peace Prize behind the most recent increase?

“How Can They Do That?”; A Progressive Responds Regarding Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s Choice

People don’t seem to get the origin of the Nobel Peace Prize, because all over the internet, you will read:

“How can they do that?”

They can do that because that was the intention of the prize….from the beginning. And it is THEIR prize. It is privately funded. They can do whatever they want. It was intended for visionaries, not necessarily an “accomplishment”.

After all, peace starts as a belief. Having the vision for a nuclear free world is huge. It starts there. Did W have that commitment? did John McCain? No. Even Hilary Clinton didn’t embrace peace as the ideal the way Obama did and does. So, it is rather special, in point of fact.

The “Right” Align with Taliban in Opposition to President Obama Winning Nobel Peace Prize

Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize and the “Right” Align Themselves with Taliban in Opposition to US President. The self-described “conservatives”/aka, hatriots can’t feel proud of their country if it means anything good for their President. Now, at last, the GOP has aligned themselves with the Taliban for all to see.

Rep. Michele Bachmann Claims that MSNBC is stalking her

Rep. Michele Bachmann was on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor last night, where she indulged in one of O’Reilly’s favorite hobbies, attacking MSNBC. O’Reilly said that the left is after Bachmann, and she replied, “So now it’s like I almost have personal stalkers, only they have TV shows…”

Palin Uses Book to Strike Preemptive Blow at 19 Year Old Levi

The National Enquirer is reporting that they’ve gotten a peek at Palin’s ghost-written (by a partisan who pals around with white supremacists) “book” and it’s one huge pre-emptive attack on Levi. “Sarah got a ton of dough from her advance, but the book appears to be nothing more than a self-serving press release touting what she calls her ‘happy marriage.’

Republicans Impose Their “Decider” Approach re Afghanistan Strategy

Republicans are insinuating that Obama’s “delay”, aka, seeking input from naysayers and congress before making a decision regarding strategy in Afghanistan, is indicative of weakness on Obama’s part. Apparently, Republicans have been suppressing Congressional War Powers and the Constitution for so long now that they just assume it’s a given that everyone does so, and failure to do so is smugly rebranded as “delay”.

19 More Companies Join the Advertiser Boycott of Glenn Beck

The organization ColorOfChange.org announced today that 19 more companies have joined the advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck. This brings the total number of companies participating in the boycott to 80. The most recent additions include Subaru, Toyota-Lexus, and Equifax. Even Beck’s B and C list advertisers are now leaving him.

Glenn Beck Accuses the Media of Attacking Him with Yellow Journalism

On his FNC program tonight, Glenn Beck went on the attack against the media because he claimed that they are ignoring the issues, and instead are looking into his past. Beck said to the media, “Good lord stop wasting your time on this kind of despicable yellow journalism…” Beck accuses others of yellow journalism is pretty rich.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Glenn Beck Doesn’t Represent Conservatism or the GOP

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham went on Fox News Sunday today, where he continued his one man campaign to distance conservatism and the Republican Party from FNC host Glenn Beck. Graham, a friend of John McCain specifically took issue with Beck saying that country is better off with Barack Obama as president. Graham said that Beck doesn’t represent conservatism and the GOP.

Palin Responds to GOP Criticism by Pimping Her Book

In response to former McCain advisor Steve Schmidt saying that nominating Sarah Palin as the GOP presidential nominee in 2012 would be a catastrophe for the party, Team Palin urged people to go buy her book. Instead of putting together a staff for a potential presidential campaign, Sarah Palin is trying to sell books.

On Fox News Don Imus Calls Katie Couric a Rodent

Don Imus was on Fox News today hyping his new Fox Business show, and as he and Neil Cavuto were discussing Sarah Palin Imus said, “She should have had enough sense to know she wasn’t ready for primetime…to sit down and not be able to get through an interview with that little rodent over at CBS, Katie Couric is absurd.”