Glenn Beck Tells His Listeners to Abandon the GOP

Glenn Beck returned to his radio show today, and he moved beyond his usual calls for revolution. Beck has now deemed the Republican Party a lost cause that can’t be changed, and he predicted that in one year from now there will be a third party. He said, “I think the best way to get the Republicans to change is to abandon them.”

Jon Stewart Catches FNC’s Sean Hannity in a Big Fat Lie

Is Jon Stewart the only man on television willing to hold Fox News accountable? Tonight on The Daily Show, Stewart called out FNC’s Sean Hannity for not only inflating the attendance number from Michele Bachmann’s healthcare protest, but also for trying to pass off footage from the 9/12 protest as evidence of the crowd size. Check out the video.

Obama Balances Steel and Sympathy In Ft. Hood Tribute

At the memorial service for the victims of last week’s shooting at Ft. Hood, TX, President Obama not only paid tribute to the fallen, but also placed their service to the country in the context of history. Obama said, “The stories of those at Fort Hood reaffirm the core values that we are fighting for, and the strength that we must draw upon.”

Fox News Chief Rupert Murdoch Also Thinks Obama is a Racist

In an interview with Sky News Australia, a network that he also owns, Fox News boss Rupert Murdoch agreed with Glenn Beck that President Barack Obama is a racist. Murdoch said, “But he did make a very racist comment, about, you know, blacks and whites and so on, and which he said in his campaign he would be completely above.”

Dennis Kucinich: HR 3962 Is a Give Away to Insurance Companies

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who was the only Democrat to vote against the House healthcare reform bill, was on MSNBC’s The Ed Show tonight discussing why he voted against the bill. Kucinich said, “I voted against it because it is a giveaway to the insurance companies. They’ll get $70 billion in new business. They’ll have 21 million captive customers.”

2012 Watch: Sarah Palin Finally Heads to Iowa

Even though numerous potential 2012 Republican presidential candidates have recently starting blazing a path to the Hawkeye state, the one notable exception has been former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. That is going to change in December, when Palin will come to the state, not to campaign, but to hawk her book.

Rachel Maddow: The Healthcare Bill Contains a Poison Pill for Progressives

Rachel Maddow was on Meet The Press today talking about the healthcare bill that the House recently passed. Maddow said that language restricting access to abortion in the bill is a poison pill for liberals and progressives that could end up costing Democratic candidates votes with pro-choice women. Maddow called it the biggest restriction on abortion in a generation.

Lieberman Claims Ft. Hood Shooter Was an Islamic Extremist

On Fox News Sunday today Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman claimed that the Ft. Hood shooter was an Islamic extremist, but when asked by host Chris Wallace what evidence he had to back up his point Lieberman said, “Nothing I can confirm at this point.” Yet, Lieberman still advanced the theory that the attack was Islamic terrorism.

Pressure Grows On House Republicans to Condemn Anti-Semitic Signs

As House Republicans continue to play blind, deaf, and dumb, various Jewish organizations came out today and condemned the anti-Semitic signs that were visible during yesterday’s tea bagger protest of healthcare reform in Washington, D.C. Elie Wiesel said, “This kind of political hatred is indecent and disgusting.”

Fox News Claims ABC’s V is an Attack on Barack Obama

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity have all given rousing endorsements to ABC’s revival of the show V. All three of the FNC personalities claim that the show is a political statement against Obama and healthcare reform. Ironically enough, all three also made their claims on the exact same day. I smell a talking point here.

Once Again Beck, Limbaugh, and Palin Lead the GOP to Defeat

Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck were the three biggest names who got behind the right wing House candidacy of Doug Hoffman in New York. These three have been the loudest advocates of the GOP’s need to move to the right, and although Hoffman might have lost the election, the biggest losers yesterday were Limbaugh, Beck, and Palin.

Olbermann Tells Glenn Beck and His 9/12ers to Go To Hell

While doing the Worst Persons segment on his MSNBC show Countdown tonight host Keith Olbermann took aim at Glenn Beck for his comparison of healthcare reform to 9/11. Obermann said, “In short, Glenn, 9/12ers if you are invoking 9/11 just to oppose healthcare reform, go to hell.” Check out the video.

47 Sexual Assault Victims Associated with Halliburton, KBR and Subsidiaries

Forty seven women have come forward reporting similar experiences to those recounted by Jamie Leigh Jones, who was gang raped by employees of defense contractors Halliburton and KBR. I had previously identified the number at 11, from earlier information in my research; the higher number reflects the more recent numbers who have contacted Jamie Leigh Jones and her Foundation. Just as important is the fact that the Senators who voted no on the Franken Amendment are being held accountable in their home states.