Copenhagen Smack Down: Der Spiegel Reporter to Inhofe: “You’re ridiculous!”

The ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Jim Inhofe, made a scathingly embarrassing appearance in Copenhagen. While the senator didn’t have any meetings scheduled in Copenhagen, he managed to put together an impromptu press conference, during which he took it upon himself to announce that “global warming was a hoax perpetrated on the world by the UN” and sold to Americans “by the Hollywood elite.”

Bill O’Reilly Blasts His Own Guest Host Laura Ingraham

Tonight on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor, Laura Ingraham called out host Bill O’Reilly for gushing over Michelle Obama, and when she asked Bill-O if he ate an acorn cookie at the White House, O’Reilly got annoyed and called her a blind ideologue and Kool-Aid drinker who won’t admit when someone is nice to her.

Al Franken’s Not So Subtle Message to Joe Lieberman

On the Senate floor today, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) sent Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) a strong message today when as acting president he denied Lieberman’s request for more time to speak. The message was simple. If Lieberman is going to destroy healthcare reform, then he shouldn’t count on getting any future help from Democrats.

Rush Limbaugh Calls Healthcare Reform Supporters Mentally Disturbed

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh called people who support healthcare reform mentally disturbed. Citing a poll, where 51% of people supported government intervention in healthcare, Limbaugh said, “51% of the people in this poll are absolutely mentally disturbed.” According to Rush it is crazy to support healthcare reform.

Glenn Beck Adds Some Sexism to His Latest Attack on Healthcare

On his radio show today Glenn Beck wove a new conspiracy theory into his latest attack on healthcare reform, and just for kicks added some sexism. Beck said that labor unions and Soros Foundation are behind healthcare reform. He added healthcare reform is like asking a crazy woman to marry you, because chicks never change.

Dennis Kucinich on the Cruel Choice of War Vs Unemployment Benefits

On the House floor Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) spoke out about the House’s decision to tie an extension in unemployment benefits to $130 billion in additional war funding, “What a cruel choice Congress is forcing on people out of work. Put your sons and daughters on the firing line and we will pay you for being in the unemployment line.”

The Rogue Diva Strikes Again As Palin Stiffs Hairdresser

In a move fit for the Populist Princess of the Joe Six Packs and Holly Hairdressers of Real Murkica, Palin dragged Rhonda Halliday of Images Hair Studio and Day Spa, a local hairdresser, away from her son’s dentist appointment on a Wednesday morning in Salt Lake City, Utah for an emergency hair session, where Palin’s appreciation was shown by stiffing her on the bill.

Superman Obama Finds Bush’s Kryptonite Emails

The old right wing knows how to play the left’s justified concern over justice, truth and transparency to a t! Oh, I’m sure the unplanned delay of the announcement wasn’t politically motivated. LOL. I mean, just because everything else in the Bush Justice Dept was is no reason to think….Sure, many of the same people who were illegally appointed under Bush are still in the DoJ. But I’m still sure it’s all Obama’s fault, even if he fixed it.

Keith Olbermann Destroys the Myth of Liberal Media Bias

On his MSNBC program Countdown host Keith Olbermann got on the subject of liberal media bias while discussing Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly’s outrage at being mentioned on Law and Order: SVU. Olbermann said, “There is no liberal media. The media which is after all owned by corporations naturally leans to the right.”

Glenn Beck Compares Climate Change Deniers to Galileo

On his Fox News program tonight, Glenn Beck gave another fractured history lesson as he compared climate change deniers to Galileo. Beck said, “The climate cult is just as much of a state sponsored religion now as the actual state sponsored religion was back in the Dark Ages.”

Racist Rush Returns as Limbaugh Mocks Native Americans

During one of his Obama is delusional rants on his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh let his racism slip out again. This time his target was Indians. Limbaugh said, “I don’t know if he really believes it, but if he does, we in heap big doo doo, a little Indian lingo there.”This comes from the same guy who once said that Indians should stop complaining, because they have casinos.

President Barack Obama, World Leader and Peacemaker in Wartime

While accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, President Barack Obama gave a powerful and historical lecture in Oslo, Norway. He was able to justify how a leader of a free nation could be involved in two wars, escalate troops by thousands and still be able to rightfully accept the Nobel Peace Prize. It was sheer genius and Obama at his best.