Writers Wanted

Politicususa is looking for some new liberal writers to join our staff. Previous blogging experience is not necessary, but is a plus. Writers must be able to submit at least one original post a week of at least 500 words.

Impress Your Friends on Super Sunday with Prop 8

Learn how to amaze your friends at next week’s Super Bowl party in one easy lesson. When the subject of the Prop. 8 trial comes up between Super Bowl commercials, be able to look the host(ess) right in the eye and say, “If the plaintiffs prevail, same-sex marriage restrictions are toast just like Jim Crow after Brown v. Board of Education.”

Arianna Huffington Confronts Roger Ailes about Glenn Beck

Fox News president Roger Ailes was on ABC’s This Week today, where he was confronted by Arianna Huffington about the inflammatory rhetoric that Glenn Beck uses on his show. Ailes replied, “He’s talking about Hitler and Stalin slaughtering people so I think he was probably accurate.”

Obama Enters the GOP Den and Slays the Dragon

Yesterday, without his trusty TelePrompTer, President Barack Obama walked in to the GOP dragon’s den, made his plea and statement to the Republican Party, and then basically said “bring it on”, I’m ready for you! It was masterful. Republican House leaders were schooled by a wise and powerful leader.

Glenn Beck Explains To Us Why The Teabaggers Are So Dumb

On his Fox News program yesterday Glenn Beck was asking his panel for one book that is a must read. The Federalist Papers were suggested. Beck said, “The one that makes your head hurt. We need really smart people who can take The Federalist Papers and rewrite them for the common man.” Teabaggers are so stupid because reading is hard.

President Obama Lays a Brutal Beat down on House Republicans

President Obama took up the House Republican leadership’s invitation to speak at their annual retreat yesterday where he deftly batted away every GOP talking point and made the Republicans wish that they have never allowed cameras to film the gathering. Obama called out the Republicans for being all tactics with no problem solving.

Progressives Continue to Betray Obama and Themselves

When Democrats can’t get the obstructionists to play and we fail to read up on how our government works (so we can blame you for not closing Gitmo yet, just say), progressives point our fingers at you with ignorant righteousness, Mr. President, and say, you suck.

Glenn Beck Declares War on the Progressive Movement

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck took his tactics to a whole new level when he announced that he has declared war on the progressive movement. Beck said, “We’re declaring war, and not on Obama, but on the progressive movement.” Beck, much like al-Qaeda, has now declared war on American citizens.

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