Jon Stewart Hammers Martha Coakley’s Campaign Gaffes

Right wingers are always complaining about how that mean liberal Jon Stewart is always picking on them and their network Fox News, well on Monday night’s The Daily Show, Stewart unloaded on the gaffe riddled campaign of Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley. Check out the video.

Keith Olbermann Calls Scott Brown a Homophobic, Racist, Bad Joke

Tonight on his MSNBC program Countdown, host Keith Olbermann directed one of his quick comments towards Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Scott Brown. He said, “In short, in Scott Brown we have an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women…”

Rush Limbaugh Claims that Obama is Using 9/11 As Propaganda

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that Obama’s declaration of 9/11 as a day of service is really nothing more than Obama recruiting people to support him. He said, “There are endless and countless examples of subtle and not so subtle efforts by this White House to recruit and organize Americans.”

Conservative Judicial Activism Runs Wild In the Case of Hillary the Movie

A perfect example of genuine judicial activism, look no further than the case of Hillary – the Movie, officially known as Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, only instead of so-called liberal activists, this merely represents the most recent example of blatant activism committed by the ultraconservative five-justice majority of the United States Supreme Court.

Stealth Candidate Scott Brown Is Lying about his Beliefs

Moderates and independents need to start paying very close attention in future elections, as the right is running “stealth candidates”. Since apparently, the majority of voters don’t want a religious extremist racist in office, the only thing for a teabagging birther like Scott Brown to do is LIE about their beliefs in order to get elected.

By Helping Haiti Bush Shows Cheney How He Is Supposed to Behave

The effort of newly created Clinton Bush Haiti Fund will kick into high gear on Sunday as both Clinton and Bush will appear on all of the morning talk shows. The appearances will be George W. Bush’s first since leaving office. In contrast to his former vice president, Bush is showing Cheney how he is supposed to act.

A Call for Progressive Action In the Massachusetts Senate Race

Tuesday’s special US Senate election in Massachusetts presents a critical moment for both the Obama administration and the Democratic Party, which is why Democrats need to mobilize to prevent Republicans from possibly derailing the Obama agenda.

Glenn Beck Calls Obama America’s Slavemaster

On his FNC program today Glenn Beck launched into another one of his Marxist control rants when he couldn’t resist a little bit of that old time racism, “The most effective way to become the slavemaster and make them come to you is to make them come to you for employment.” According to Beck, Obama is America’s slavemaster.