Sarah Palin Urges Tea Party to Join Republican Party

Tea Party Queen Sarah Palin stuck the knife of betrayal into the cause yesterday while speaking at an event hosted by Arkansas Republican Party. She urged them to pick a Party, reminding them that the Republican party is most in line with the Tea Party’s values of “small government”. Yes, she said this with a straight face.

Glenn Beck Calls his Audience Fat, Stupid, and Lazy

Glenn Beck Calls his Audience Fat, Stupid, and Lazy

On his FNC program tonight, Glenn Beck apparently came out in favor of childhood obesity, because he attacked First Lady Michele Obama for her initiative against childhood obesity. Beck said, “Do you really think Michele Obama is worried about your child’s BMI?” Beck also went on to defend his audience’s right to be fat, stupid and lazy.

Virginia GOP Politicizes Snow Storm to Argue Against Climate Change

In their quest to politicize everything, the Republican Party sunk to a new low today in the state of Virginia, as they are using the current record snow storm in a new ad that mocks Democrats for supporting climate change legislation. The Republican are ignoring that events like the massive snow event are exactly what scientists are warning of.

Fox News Treats Sarah Palin Like Lap Candy

FNC’s Chris Wallace was on Don Imus’ show this morning promoting the debut of Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday. Imus asked Wallace if Palin was going to sit on his lap. He replied, “One can only hope.” Fox News is the only network where a woman can go from being a sitting governor to giving lap dances.

Jon Stewart Blows Away Bill O’Reilly’s Defense of Fox News

The first part of Bill O’Reilly interview with Jon Stewart aired on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor tonight, and when the topic to turned to Fox News’ balance Stewart said, “I think Fox in and of yourselves say that you are not a news organization all day…” Stewart consistently turned the tables on O’Reilly.

The American Political Fundamentalist: Who They Are and Why They Hate Obama

Don’t look now, but the haters haven’t gone anywhere. Despite Barack Obama’s centrist agenda, they still display nooses down south and hang him in effigy. People still get worked up over where he was born. They are still convinced he’s intent upon nothing less than overthrowing the entire United States government, but who are they and why do they hate?

Sarah Palin: Walkin’ the Thin Line with SarahPAC

Sarah Palin raked in around 2 million dollars as the of the end of the fiscal year reporting for SarahPAC shows, but instead of helping the cause, Palin is helping herself to the tune of one million dollars for paying for her private jet charter, billboard faux bus tour, expensive suites, while donating only $65,000 to candidates.