Wisconsin Election Fraud: Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me

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Tuesday, August, 9th, 2011, 10:59 pm

As Wisconsin’s recall election results are coming in, an editorial in the Sheboygan Press calls out a new and pervasive kind of voter fraud. Before the election, letters and phone calls went out to some Wisconsin voters (guess which districts) giving false information about how and when to vote.

In some cases, there have been incorrect addresses for where to send the application, or an incorrect date that the ballot must be returned by in order to be counted. The [Wisconsin Government Accountability] board said it also has received complaints about automated phone calls that have contained incorrect dates and other election information……When confronted about the false information, the group sponsoring the mailer or robo-call has claimed it was an “honest mistake” or typographical error.

We saw this before in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.

Pardon me, but do we look like we just fell off the turnip truck? Where is the accountability? Tampering with elections is a felony, whether it’s adding (aka “finding”) or subtracting bags of votes, harassing people trying to vote, or sending them false voting information before the election. What’s more, this is so important that there should be no tolerance for error.

The legal proof for intent involves motive, opportunity, and result. All three are present here in spades. One incident is enough. After multiple incidents, no reasonable person can believe that misdirection wasn’t intended.

Let’s see some people go to jail.

Let’s see the people behind this get sued for civil damages. If a Democrat loses in any district where they contacted voters with false information, let’s have the offenders pay for another election. They ain’t cheap.

But by all means, let’s not let it end here. The more they get away with, the bolder they will be next time.


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