A Tale of Two Christmas Videos: Newt’s Crazy Elf Vs The 99% Choir

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Wednesday, December, 28th, 2011, 12:24 am

A tale of two videos for your late night snack. Video one is NOT a joke. Or, rather, it was not intended as a joke; it was put out by the elect Newt people and it’s called “Merry Christmas from NewtHampshire.” What were they smoking? You be the judge. In the second video, Occupy’s 99% choir celebrates Christmas with a brilliant musical foreclosure on Bank of America. So, for giggles, let’s contrast the two.

The crazy Newt for President elf, aka the Merry Christmas from NewtHampshire video, upon which they wisely disabled comments:

Can you say crazy broke?

And yet, with no money, the 99% Choir forecloses on Bank of America’s Seattle Headquarters whilst caroling about naughty bankers and their outrageous holiday bonuses and it’s fantastic. Go figure.

The 99% choir foreclosure on Bank of America:

As a bonus for sitting through the Newt elf without wondering when the “You just got punk’d!” tagline was coming, I give you the Obama Baby Whisperer Video (yes, a third, but this one is pure palate cleanser):

If you had to vote for the 99 chorus or the crazy Newt elf as most sane, which would it be?

The times, they are a changin’.

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