Rush Limbaugh Accuses Democrats of Turning Trayvon Martin into a Racial Stereotype

Rush Limbaugh Accuses Democrats of Turning Trayvon Martin into a Racial Stereotype

Rush Limbaugh tried to defend George Zimmerman today by accusing the Democrats and the media of turning Trayvon Martin into a racial stereotype.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Limbaugh said,

It’s a big difference if the word’s cold instead of the other one because then the Justice Department has no reason to get involved. Listen I remember and I wasn’t the only one folks there were a lot of people when this story broke. Don’t forget the Duke Lacrosse case, don’t forget it. We know who the media are. We know who the race hustlers are, and we know that they salivate over stories like this. But the racial angle is repulsive no matter how you look at this. Now look, even if Zimmerman were a Klansman he wouldn’t be guilty for shooting someone who was beating him savagely. If Trayvon Martin were a Black Panther it would still be wrong for Zimmerman to shoot him, if he was not defending himself.

We are supposed to have blind justice. It is not supposed to matter. The racial component is not supposed to matter. We have a dead teenager. We have a dead American. We have somebody who shot him. We still don’t know the details. All we have are a bunch of networks and race hustlers trying to create a stereotype out of this. Going so far The New York Times referring to Zimmerman who’s a Democrat by the way as a white Hispanic just to create the template or the narrative or the whole stereotype if you will.

Race is being injected into this case to enrich the race baiters, to whip up the Democrat base, to sell newspapers, to try to enhance television network audiences, and to lay the groundwork for double jeopardy in case Zimmerman escapes state prosecution. Because with race, you can claim civil rights violation, you get the feds involved in here, Eric the Red and the DOJ to go in there for a second time on the same crime. If you lose the first time, you get DOJ in there on a civil rights violation.

Rush Limbaugh accused the media and Democrats of turning Trayvon Martin into a racial stereotype that they can use for race baiting. This is the same Rush Limbaugh who not even a month ago called Obama “boy.” Limbaugh has also discussed President Obama’s “slave blood.” He has claimed that blacks teach their children to hate America. Limbaugh has also accused Obama of promoting racism, and who could ever forget Barack the Magic Negro?

While Limbaugh claimed to be issuing a plea against race based judgments, he was actually continuing to divide America along racial lines. Rush was projecting his own racism on the Democratic Party in the media. Democrats haven’t been referring to Trayvon Martin as a thug and blaming his hoodie. Democrats haven’t been screaming from the mountaintops that George Zimmerman was violently assaulted even though video proves otherwise.

Democrats and the media haven’t been blaming President Obama for making this case racial. Trayvon Martin’s father hasn’t gone on TV and blamed the president, the NAACP, and Congressional Black Caucus of spreading hate. The reason why race has been injected into this case is because it may have been the motive for the killing.

While he was trying to give George Zimmerman a literal get of jail free card by blaming Democrats and the media, as usual the only person spreading racism here was Rush Limbaugh.

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