Game On: Obama Campaign Releases New Video ‘Forward’

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, 1:04 am

Election season is heating up. The Obama campaign put out this video today, entitled “Forward.” It tells the story of how Obama has been fighting for us, moving the country forward, while Republicans sat on their bums and whined, “No!”

“The video outlines the challenges America faced as President Obama took office at the height of the worst recession in almost a century and details the progress that has been made reclaiming the security of the middle class and building an economy that’s meant to last, where hard work pays and responsibility is rewarded.”

It’s hard-hitting and a must-share. That is, if you want to make sure your family and friends vote this November and clean that House out.

Watch here:

From the economy he faced when he took office to the deliberate political obstructionism of the Republican Party, President Obama continued to fight for us.

Talk about putting party before country…The Republican Party earned the title “Party of No” after voting no regardless of the merits of the legislation, and often times against their own ideas if the President supported them.

The Obama campaign is just getting started. Romney better buckle up, this game of trap the etch-a-sketch is no lipstick on a pig.

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