Glenn Beck is Outraged That Current TV Sold to Al-Jazeera After Rejecting Him

Glenn Beck is Outraged That Current TV Sold to Al-Jazeera After Rejecting Him

Glenn Beck crying

Conservative lunacy is rapidly accelerating after that harsh bump into the wall of reality.  First conservatives take to twitter calling for Sarah Palin to replace John Boehner as Speaker as if that would be a good thing for conservatives.  Then Glenn Beck reacted like a jilted lover to the news that Current TV was sold to Al Jazeera.

Before Al-Jazeera bought Current TV, TheBlaze looked into buying it but we were rejected by progressive owners.

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 Not to be caught crying in his tea, Beck went on to explain what he had to offer.

Note: We would have put #TheBlazeTV in millions of homes across the country, not the existing line up.

Well, how could Al Gore possibly refuse such an appealing offer?  After all, people who watch Bill Press and Stephanie Miller will happily give them up for a chance to watch Blaze TV.

Atlantic Wire’s report  confirms that Beck did indeed approach Current TV a year ago.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze approached Current about buying the channel last year, but was told that ‘the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,’ according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

Apparently Beck was not in a clown suit at the time he  offered to buy Current.  I wonder if he told them of his plan to convert the network into an  all Blaze TV all the time outlet.  Did Beck honestly believe Current Viewers would magically transition from Liberals to a version of conservatism that was too extreme for Fox, home to Mike Huckabee and former home to Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrinch

Can anyone else imagine the look of bewilderment, terror and sympathy for Current Viewers on Al Gore’s face?

Aside from the horror of Current being reduced to a clown show, it’s possible that Beck didn’t have Current’s reported asking price of $500 million minus $100 million for Al Gore who owned 20% of Current.

Erick Erickson offered some hate rhetoric to soothe Glenn’s broken heart.

Erick EricksonVerified@EWErickson

So Current TV was okay with Al Qaeda’s favorite news network buying it, but not Glenn Beck? … Wow.

Al Jazeera  announced the deal on its site, Wednesday, including a few words from its Director General Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani.

For many years, we understood that we could make a positive contribution to the news and information available in and about the United States and what we are announcing today will help us achieve that goal. By acquiring Current TV, Al Jazeera will significantly expand our existing distribution footprint in the U.S., as well as increase our newsgathering and reporting efforts in America. We look forward to working together with our new cable and satellite partners to serve our new audiences across the U.S. I am both exceptionally pleased and very proud that we could take this very important step.


Glenn Beck and his fans apparently missed the fact that his old home of Fox News is owned by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (with a 7% stake, the largest shareholder after the Murdochs’ News Corp), whom one of their own (Farah of World Net Daily) accused of blaming America for 9/11.

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