Federal Judge Orders Orly Taitz to Prove She Didn’t Lie to the Court

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Friday, January, 25th, 2013, 8:01 am

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While Orly Taitz is trying to get President Obama arrested in Connecticut, a California federal judge in Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse ordered her to show cause for why the failed Senate candidate should not be sanctioned for lying to the court. The court thinks Taitz may have failed to report any “pending ethical, disciplinary, or related matters.”

Taitz wasn’t quite up front about pending issues, claiming that she only faced a minor discovery sanction. But it turns out that “Taitz is being sued for allegedly making a series of false, defamatory statements about private individuals as well as for planting invasive spy software on the computers of visitors to her various websites.”

So, U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford ordered:

On October 22, 2012, the Court ordered the parties to “inform the Court immediately of any actions taken on pending ethical, disciplinary, or related matters.” On January 14, 2013, the Court was alerted to a possible unreported sanction against Orly Taitz. Taitz said in Court that the sanction was for discovery. The parties have since subjected the Court to a flurry of papers, which the Court dismisses as irrelevant except for the sole issue now of whether Taitz lied to the Court when she said the sanction was for discovery. Some evidence has been presented to the Court that the sanction involved far more than discovery.

The Court therefore now ORDERS Taitz to show cause in writing why she should not be sanctioned for lying to this Court. Taitz, and any other party, may file by February 4, 2013, papers on this order to show cause not exceeding 10 pages each in total. Particularly helpful would be documentary proof of the nature of and reasons for the subject sanction previously ordered against Taitz.

Taitz has to respond by February 4th and she must provide proof of her innocence. Guilford has a reputation for being stern and strict. He isn’t taking Orly’s crazy in stride as others have done and if she can’t prove that she didn’t lie, she may find herself in real trouble.

This is fresh on the heels of her most recent fail to keep the President from being sworn in. U.S. District Court Judge Morrison C. England, Jr. was compelled to school the alleged lawyer on the law in that case, “Plaintiffs have failed in the Courts, and will undoubtedly continue to fail in the Courts, because they ask the Court to supplant the legislative branch and disregard the fundamental doctrine of separation of powers.”

Meanwhile, as California hopes “Dr. Taitz” doesn’t flood them with reams of crazy, that isn’t stopping her from trying to raise money off of her birther cult so that she can have President Obama arrested for using a “stolen” Social Security number. (Not linking to her site because she is being sued for putting invasive spyware on visitors’ computers.)

It wasn’t so long ago that Orly was meeting with staffers for Republicans like Representatives Steve King and Allen West, and Senators Jim Inhofe and Marco Rubio or that birther Donald Trump was happily endorsing and meeting with Mitt Romney on the campaign trail.

All “Dr.” Taitz needs is for the easily fooled to shell out a few of their Social Security dollars for her mission, and their dreams will come true! If only Orly isn’t arrested in California first. Tick tock, birthers.

Federal Judge Orders Orly Taitz to Prove She Didn’t Lie to the Court was written by Sarah Jones for PoliticusUSA.
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