The NRA Puts Pro Sports Teams In Its Crosshairs But Not the RNC

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Sunday, February, 3rd, 2013, 8:29 am

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The NRA Institute for Legislative Action has a list on their website titled the “National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies”, also known as an “enemies list”. They even include cartoonists, Olympic athletes and NFL players on their enemies list – that’s how ridiculous and paranoid the current NRA is.

The Royals, Chiefs and Rams are in the NRA’s crosshairs, too. Why, you ask? Did they make an ad preaching against the second amendment? Almost. They did the exact same thing the Republicans did at their convention — no concealed carry guns at games, please.

Yahoo sports reported:

So, what put the Royals, Chiefs and Rams in the NRA’s, uh, crosshairs? After a series of failures, the state of Missouri in 2003 passed a law that allows individuals to apply for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The Royals, Chiefs and Rams — quite understandably — didn’t want to encourage fans to pack heat at ballgames.

The end result was, “And the K.C. sports teams got what they wanted; the law doesn’t apply to stadiums with a capacity over 5,000. You still can’t bring a gun to a Royals game, thank goodness. And those sneaky Cardinals and Blues get the same benefit without making the NRA’s bogeyman list.”

Yet, nowhere will you see the NRA taking aim at the Republican Party, who banned ALL guns at their convention for the very same reason. Heck, Republicans know their base so well, they wouldn’t even allow knives.

Republicans even banned toy guns from their 2012 convention. Seriously. These are very scared people. Has Obama come for Republicans’ toy guns yet?

The NRA may just be the craziest organization in the country.

The Republican convention took place before the NRA published their hit list on September 17, 2012, and yet the NRA is completely ignoring that the Republicans did exactly what the sports teams did. Sports teams who don’t want to die = evil enemies. Republicans who don’t want to die or even get squirted with water from a toy gun = heroes of the second amendment.

Based on the length of the NRA’s enemies list, it looks like the anti-crazy people might just have a chance in this country. Additionally, thanks to their enemies list, those of us who are against assault weapons in the hands of people who refuse to even submit to a background check know who to support. The enemy of my enemy is my friend indeed, especially when there are other substantial areas for common ground.

The NRA Puts Pro Sports Teams In Its Crosshairs But Not the RNC was written by Sarah Jones for PoliticusUSA.
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