Dick Cheney Whose Lies Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People Says Benghazi is Worse

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Tuesday, May 14th, 2013, 12:14 am


Dick Cheney whose lies are directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths went on Fox News to claim that Benghazi is the worst scandal that he has ever seen.

Video from Fox’s Hannity:

Cheney appeared on Sean Hannity’s propaganda hour, and said, “I watched Benghazi with great interest, Sean, and I think it is one of worst incidents frankly, that I can recall in my career. It put the whole the capability claiming that the terrorist problem solved once we got Bin Laden. That al-Qaeda was over with. If they would have told the truth about Benghazi that it was a terrorist attack by an al-Qaeda affiliated group, it would have destroyed the false image of competence that was the basis of his campaign for reelection. They lied. They claimed that it was because of a demonstration video, so they wouldn’t have to admit that it was really all about their incompetence. The State Department, and the White House, and the NSC ignored repeated warnings from the CIA about the threat. They ignored messages from their own people on the ground that they needed more security. Indeed, they reduced what was already there. The administration either had no forces ready to respond to an attack, which should have been anticipated on the anniversary of 9/11, or they refused to deploy them when our people asked for help.”

Cheney also claimed that the cover up is ongoing. Most of what Dick Cheney told Sean Hannity was a lie, but it is amazing that the former vice president tried to take credit for the killing of Bin Laden. (Notice that he said, “we” when referring to the operation that killed Bin Laden.) It is also not surprising that Cheney still doesn’t understand how military operations work. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the idea that we could have sent forces into Benghazi, “cartoonish,” and blasted his fellow Republicans for thinking that the president could have just sent the military into Benghazi.

The great irony here is that Dick Cheney is claiming that the events in Benghazi are worse than the fact that he and the rest of the Bush administration made 935 false statements about Iraq in the two years after 9/11. Those false statements, and Cheney’s doctoring of intelligence reports led to an invasion that killed anywhere between 100,000- and 1 million people.

Dick Cheney’s lies cost at least 4,488 Americans their lives in Iraq, but Benghazi, where no criminal activity occurred is worse. Over 320,000 Americans suffered brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan, but according to Cheney, Benghazi was worse. The epidemic of veterans’ suicides rages on, but Cheney wants us to believe that Benghazi was worse. Dick Cheney can’t travel outside of the United States, because of the backlash he inspires, but Benghazi was worse.

Former Vice President Cheney is trying to unjustly convict President Obama for his own crimes. Dick Cheney lied and millions died. Republicans can scream Benghazi until the end of time, but it will never wash away Dick Cheney’s crimes.

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