John Boehner Confirms That It is Completely Pointless To Talk to John Boehner

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Tuesday, May 28th, 2013, 9:02 pm


Speaker of the House John Boehner confirmed his ineptitude today by admitting that he has given up, and is letting the tea party inmates run the asylum. Boehner has gone from hands off to absolutely pointless.

Rep. Boehner grumbled to Politico’s professional fluffers that Obama hasn’t called him, but at the same time he also admitted why the White House has little interest in talking to him, “You’re missing my style, all right? I don’t need to be out there beating the drum every day. My job as the leader is to build my team, encourage my members, help provide leadership to my members and committee chairs and let the institution work. It doesn’t need the heavy hand of the speaker all over everything.”

Boehner’s style is to sit there and do nothing. Boehner admitted that he would rather be out drinking with the boys than working, so is it any wonder that the House of Representatives is so completely screwed up?

None of this stopped Boehner from going all scorned lover on President Obama, and proclaiming that he is obsessed with Benghazi. (In the same interview Boehner claimed that his top priority is jobs, but the Speaker used the word jobs once while spending three paragraphs discussing Benghazi.) Boehner has given up on leading his caucus, and has found that his life is much easier if he just downs a couple of stiff drinks, goes in front of the cameras, and babbles whatever crazy BS talking point that his caucus wants to hear.

The White House debunked Boehner’s claim that he and Obama haven’t spoken this year. Administration officials pointed out that Boehner and Obama have spoken five times this year. They spoke most recently last month. It is interesting that Boehner is blaming Obama for their lack of face to face meetings when he is the one who proclaimed that there would be no more one on one meetings between the two men.

John Boehner confirmed that he has no power over his caucus. The Speaker isn’t trying to lead. He has nothing to offer the president, so it would be pointless for Obama to waste more than five minutes a month talking to Boehner. Boehner has politically neutered himself, and in the process made the House of Representatives completely irrelevant.

Rep. Boehner failed to deliver too many times for the president to ever trust him again. The Politico piece was intended to be a pushback against Nancy Pelosi’s claims of Boehner weakness. Instead, it confirmed what a weak and utterly pointless figure John Boehner has become.

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