Face of Utah Gun Lobby Arrested for Domestic Violence, Harassment, and More

Face of Utah Gun Lobby Arrested for Domestic Violence, Harassment, and More


The face of the Utah gun lobby was arrested Monday for trespassing, harassment, domestic violence, multiple traffic violations and failure to appear in court.

Utah Shooting Sports Council member and voice of Utah’s gun lobby Clark Aposhian may lose his weapons “arsenal” if convicted of domestic violence charges, stemming from allegations that he drove “a 2-ton army surplus truck onto his ex-wife’s property, threatening to ‘run over their cars’ and ‘bury’ her husband”, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The local Fox 13 station reported that while police were investigating the original call to the location, Aposhian returned to the scene.

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Police explained, “And while we’re there investigating the trespassing and the threats, he comes back, and to make a long story short: Mr. Aposhian was arrested for domestic violence and trespassing. The officers attempted to interview him and… he was not cooperative.

“He did indicate to the officers that he was carrying a weapon. The officers took his weapon away. He was charged with a crime. They booked the weapon into evidence and transported Mr. Aposhian to jail.”

You might remember Aposhian as the guy who had his AR-15 assault rifle was stolen from his vehicle last March. When he’s not playing with army trucks, he drives “a red car with a yellow bumper sticker announcing: ‘I am the gun lobby.'” A Utah paper describes his relationship as a ‘primary source’ with legislators, “Utah legislators fire off questions to ‘primary source’ Clark Aposhian; they respect his steady grip on firearms issues.”

Steady grip? The man lost an assault rifle. Aposhian is also busy instructing teachers on how to use guns to defend themselves Eastwood style, post Sandy-hook shootings.

Spot the lack of outright denial via his Facebook post on the charges, courtesy of SLT:

Aposhian declined comment Wednesday but on his Facebook page thanked friends for messages of support. “Under advice of counsel, I cannot say much,” he posted, “but if you know me, you know that it would be highly unlikely for me to do anything even remotely akin to what I am being charged with. When this is done and over with I will explain in detail.”

It “would be highly unlikely” is not the same thing as saying, “I didn’t do this. I didn’t threaten my ex wife or her husband. I didn’t drive on their property. I am innocent.”

You shouldn’t worry about the fact that he’s on the loose, because his attorney said he was just “having fun in his big boy toy.”

Said ‘big boy toy’:

boy toy

A hearing is scheduled for June 4. No word on whether Mr. Aposhian will remain the face of the Utah gun lobby, but he should be rewarded as the national poster boy of the frothing nut jobs at the NRA if these allegations are true.

Responsible gun owners don’t lose assault weapons, and they don’t rely upon weapons of mass destruction like a 2-ton army truck or an array of guns to feel powerful or harass people.

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