Republicans Unveil Stop Hillary 2016

Republicans Unveil Stop Hillary 2016

Stop Hilary 2016

Stop Hillary 2016The Republicans seem to be doing all they can to get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016 by supporting legislation that starves babies after insisting they be born and other acts of foolishness. So it is interesting that they are also – three years out from the next presidential election – starting a Stop Hillary 2016 movement.

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Republicans are terrified of Hillary, and for good reason. Against their field of frauds and lackwits, Hillary strides like a Titan. Do they really expect Rand Paul to do better than looking like an errant school boy debating the former first lady and secretary of state?

Many of us look forward to it, to watching Hillary metaphorically slap Paul around. The ever-quotable Paul seems to be doing all he can today to set up his humiliating political demise tomorrow.

Her husband Bill, who once served as president and may soon have the distinction of being the very first first husband, says he doesn’t know if Hillary will run in 2016 but Republicans aren’t betting on that.

Bill says we need to stop asking about 2016 and focus on 2013 and the problems we are facing now. Ironically, the Stop Hillary 2016 movement ignores the now in favor of the future when the best defense against Hillary in 2016 is the now.

But Republicans have been ignoring the now since 2008 and they show no signs of changing. It is no secret that the whole Benghazi imbroglio was about pre-empting Hillary Clinton, not about any actual failings in the Obama administration.

As Harry Reid said last week, “It’s obvious it’s an attempt to embarrass President Obama and embarrass Hillary Clinton,” and it won’t hurt Hillary: “I mean, most everyone knows, if she wants to run for president, she’s going to get that nomination.”

And if she gets the nomination….

You do the math. The calculus is simple enough.

The Republicans know this as well as Democrats do. So everywhere the question comes up, how do we stop Hillary in 2016? Since the obvious answer, be better leaders/do a better job now is off the table, you see suggestions like, prove Hillary is a pathological liar.

That’s an interesting proposal on behalf of the worst group of pathological liars America has ever seen. If you look at Darrell Issa and Trent Franks and Rand Paul and John Boehner and Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, you could submit them to the worst the TSA has to offer and you won’t find a single truth among them.

Honesty is not a high priority for ideologues.

The Republicans may have convinced themselves and they may have convinced their base, but that is not the crowd they have to convince. And liberals are overwhelmingly behind Hillary. So, unfortunately for Republicans, are Americans in general, as polling demonstrates, and even young Republicans are being alienated by GOP extremism.

The best Stop Hillary 2016 movement would be for Republicans to stop their obstructionism and get to work on solving our problems, on being part of the solution rather than the problem. They can stop trying to repeal Obamacare and banning contraception and abortion and create some jobs for starters.

They won’t do that. Ideologically speaking, they cannot and they have not. They have already drawn their line in the sand and to stop over it exposes them to charges of treason. Since they have no interest in actually governing the only arrow left in their quiver is portraying Hillary as unfit to govern.

Rather than fixing the economy they would rather manufacture scandals. Which brings us back to the subject of pathological liars.

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