Ted Cruz Channels Sarah Palin and Offers Republicans A Sure Path to Defeat

Ted Cruz Channels Sarah Palin and Offers Republicans A Sure Path to Defeat

Ted Cruz

In New Hampshire Friday evening, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) raised alarm bells with a smirk that looks uncomfortably reminiscent of fellow East coast elite pretend Texan and former President George W Bush’s and an agenda that mirrors Sarah Palin’s 2010 agenda.

Watch here and try not to spit your afternoon bevvie out when you read “Road to the White House” as the C-Span tag:

Cruz went Palin, urging the base not to “blink” as they forge ahead on sure failure by defunding ObamaCare. “Listen, the plan to defund ObamaCare has been called deceptive, deceitful, nuts, crazy, stupid and wacko. And that’s just by Republicans. You want to know how we win? Don’t blink.”

This wasn’t unintentional, as the freshman Senator later joked, “I’m pretty sure that you can actually see Canada from here.” We’ll see if Cruz can dumb himself down enough to replace Palin as the Tea Party standard bearer. I’m not convinced yet, although I did catch some W on his face– Cruz has almost the exact same smirk.

Cruz got a long standing ovation when he demanded we abolish the IRS, saying the federal government has too much power (of course he prefaced this with an ode to Obama being corrupt). No word on how the deficit would fare under that plan, or how we would pay for the military or homeland security once Cruz got his way with the IRS, but this is the Republican Party, so of course, no one asked him about reality. He fearmongered about the debt, and never told the audience that the deficit is decreasing rapidly under Obama.

The Texas Republican continued, “You know, there are a lot of people in the media that say, ‘Anyone who was elected with support of the Tea Party – those guys are radical – they are extreme. I have to admit, I have to chuckle a bit. It is only in Washington D.C. that it’s considered radical to want to live within your means. It is only in the United States Capitol that it is considered extreme not to want to bankrupt our kids and grandkids.”

Then, one of the most divisive Senators in D.C. fed the ultimate Kool-Aid to his audience, suggesting that Obama was going to give them another Reagan. (Any guesses on who is going to play Reagan in this scenario? Hint: Sarah Palin thought she was going to be Reagan II.) He said, “You know, it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. And I am convinced that the most longest lasting legacy of President Obama is going to be all of us standing up together, arm-in-arm, to restore that shining city on a hill that is the United States of America.”

Cruz confirmed his deliberate misunderstanding of the Constitution by telling saying that he thinks the GOP is poised to take back the Senate in 2014. “I think 2014 presents very favorable terrain for Republicans. I believe 2014 is teed up for Republicans to take control of the Senate and retire Harry Reid as the majority leader.”

Cruz has been lying to the base, telling them that they can only impeach Obama if they get control of the Senate, which of course is not true. Impeachment happens from the House, which Republicans have control over.

While the NBC version of Cruz’s Presidential Pandering was steeped in admiration, conveniently quoting Tea Party admirers fawning over Cruz’s conservative self (apparently we need to redefine conservative to mean radical and nihilistic), not everyone was so impressed by the hubristic freshman Senator.

Fergus Cullen, a former chairman of the New Hampshire GOP, told the Dallas News, “I’ve been profoundly disappointed. I expected so much more from him. Somebody like him could be leading the Republican Party toward a future, and instead … he’s been pandering. He’s been pandering to the basest impulses of the base.”

Not to worry, we are told by conservatives that even though Cruz is not really American since he’s a dual citizen, Canada isn’t really foreign like, say, Africa is. They can’t quite put their finger on why…

Pandering to the basest impulses of the base, did you say? Oh, gosh, no. Smirk. Cruz is not only a Real American, but just like W, a real Texan.

He’s only been a Senator for eight months, and during that tenure his own party hasn’t been very impressed with his lack of curiosity about his actual job, but Cruz thinks he already knows enough to be President. Cruz has now toured the first three presidential primary states with his map to GOP failure, proving that birth certificates, citizenship, and freshman status as a Senator only matter if you are black.

The Ted Cruz plan for winning is to go even more extreme, and pander to the lowest common denominator. This ends today’s episode of the Incredibly Shrinking GOP Tent.

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