Rush Limbaugh Bashes The Republican Party For Not Being Racist Enough Towards Obama

Rush Limbaugh Bashes The Republican Party For Not Being Racist Enough Towards Obama


Rush Limbaugh claimed on his radio show that Republican Party’s big problem is that they are afraid of criticizing Obama because he is black. In essence, Limbaugh was bashing the GOP for not being racist enough.

Audio clip via Media Matters:

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LIMBAUGH: The Washington Post has an article this morning about how Obama has turned to his brain trust for selling his attack in Syria. Everything is politics to these people, and the Republicans are the villains. Don’t care what the story, don’t care what the event, don’t care how serious or irrelevant. The Republicans are the villains and that’s how they sell it. And the Republicans haven’t the slightest idea at the same time what really to do here.

The Republican/conservative right is just as confused about all this because they are scared to death to say or do anything critical of Obama. They’re just paralyzed, and we all have a pretty good guess why that is, and it’s race. They’re just paralyzed. Not only are they paralyzed from being critical, they think they’ve got to act like they agree and sign onto whatever it is. Amnesty. Health care. There’s no serious effort here to push back on that. You name it.

Republicans have spent every single day since Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination in 2008 reminding Americans that he is black. Short of burning a cross on the White House lawn, I don’t see any way that Republicans could possibly make their criticism of this president any more racial than it already is.

Limbaugh like the rest of the right wing media is trying to explain away any Republican support for Obama as Republicans being afraid to put the African American president “in his place.” The idea that Republicans are paralyzed from being critical of the president because of his race is an extreme delusion even for a peddler of false reality like Rush Limbaugh.

Obama doesn’t have to sell Republicans as villains. They have done a perfect job of that themselves by taking incredibly unpopular positions like blocking jobs bills, denying 30 million people health insurance, cutting off food assistance for children and senior citizens, advocacy of tax cuts for the wealthy while raising them for everyone else. The president isn’t painting Republicans as villains. He is opposing an unpopular agenda that in many instances defies common sense.

Limbaugh continues to spiral down into the endless black hole of racism, and any advertiser who buys an ad on his show is unconscionably funding his ugly activities.

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