Tea Party Tells ‘Commie’ to Get off the ‘Private Property’ of the Capitol

Tea Party Tells ‘Commie’ to Get off the ‘Private Property’ of the Capitol

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Tea Partiers think the Arizona Capitol is “private property”. So when they get a permit to hold an event, they think they can keep out people they don’t like by screaming “Commie!” and other old school insults not fit to print. It’s not as if there wasn’t room for one more…

This anti amnesty event was sparsely attended at best.

Videographer Dennis Gilman uploaded this video to Youtube on Sunday, shot on the public lawn of the Arizona State Capitol on September 7, 2013. Watch here:

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Gilman described the video as such:

“This was filmed on the public lawn of the Arizona State Capitol on September 7, 2013 where the “We Are America Tour” added Arizona racist, former State Senate President President Russell Pearce. Pearce is famous for SB1070 and his association and endorsement of neo-Nazi JT Ready, who killed an entire family before killing himself in 2012. The local racists have worked closely with FAIR for years. I was there to film the speakers. It’s a safe guess that if Minute Man Founder Chris Simcox wasn’t sitting in jail for multiple counts of child molestation that he would’ve been a speaker at this event also. Is it any wonder why they didn’t want the “liberal Media” filming them? For my own safety, I refused to leave without a police escort. It took over 7 minutes for any law enforcement to arrive. The video is edited only for length.”

Lots of tough talk from old white men, including “Motherfuc*er! Get the fu*k outta here motherfuc*er!” and “Commie!” (Apparently if you scream Commie three times and click your heels, liberals are supposed to turn to dust like it’s 1950.)

They tell Gilman to get out of thre because they have a permit and Gilman is not welcome on this “private property.” Gilman asks the Tea Partier if the Capitol is private property, and the Tea Partier says, “Yes, it is.” But of course, private property is the ownership of property by non-governmental legal entities and the State Capitol is a governmental entity.

A better argument could have been that he was disrupting their rally, but then, that would mean that scores of Tea Partiers who whined about their First Amendment rights being stepped on as they disrupted townhalls across America in 2010 were wrong. In the end, the Tea Party stands for whatever they want right then and there, and there is no consistency on “values”.

Sadly the Tea Partiers carried signs for American jobs as part of their anti-amnesty push, even as they support Tea Party Republicans who have killed the job bills President Obama put forward. These poor puppets for the 1% still don’t realize how easily they were used.

But what do you expect from people who are calling a citizen journalist a “commie” and ordering him off “private property” that actually belongs to the state, which they are using in a socialist manner to rage against commies.

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