Obamacare Deranged House Republicans Pass CR that Kills the ACA for a 3rd Time

Obamacare Deranged House Republicans Pass CR that Kills the ACA for a 3rd Time


House Republicans continue to learn nothing as they have passed virtually the same CR that delays the ACA, which the Senate has rejected twice for a third time.

The amendments to the second clean CR passed 228-201 9 Democrats voted for the amendments, while 12 Republicans voted against it.

House Republicans continue to pointlessly stomp their feet and demand a delay in the ACA. This cycle of debate featured John Boehner claiming that Obamacare is ruining America and he is fighting for the people. Boehner was followed by Majority Leader Eric Cantor who spent his time arguing that delaying Obamacare was a matter of fairness. Interestingly, the Koch funded Cantor isn’t interested in fairness when it comes to wages, employment, women’s rights, and voting rights.

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Listening to Boehner and Cantor claim that they are the new champions of working people was laughable. It is clear that the Republicans have run out of arguments. Like Ted Cruz’s faux filibuster, House Republicans are now repeating themselves over and over again.

What is notable about this vote is that Republican opposition is growing. The second time they voted to attach the ACA delay 2 Republicans voted against it. By the third vote, that number had grown to 12. A little reading the tea leaves reveals that the moderate faction is growing. The government may shutdown, but there are growing number of Republicans who don’t want to have this fight.

The Senate will be voting shortly to once again strip the language that delays Obamacare from the CR. It is now obvious why Speaker Boehner refuses to bring a the clean Senate CR up for a vote. It would pass in a heartbeat.

It looks like House Republicans are going to shut down the government, but it is only be a matter of time until John Boehner caves.

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