Republican Texas Lt. Governor Calls For President Obama to Be Impeached

Republican Texas Lt. Governor Calls For President Obama to Be Impeached


While speaking to tea party meeting, Dewhurst said, “This election is about protecting you and your freedoms, which are given to you by God, but which are being trampled on by Barack Obama right now. I don’t know about you, but Barack Obama ought to be impeached. Not only for trampling on our liberties, but what he did in Benghazi is just a crime.”

After his speech, Dewhurst told the Texas Observer, “I think this president, Barack Obama, has disregarded federal law. He’s tried to do things which are not authorized under federal law, such as with immigration, such as not following our federal drug laws. He’s created winners and losers out of Obamacare where he has no authority, such as allowing for unions and big businesses to postpone their mandate for a year….I’m very concerned about Benghazi, in which all of the national news reporting indicated that live video was streaming into the White House. That means that there was an overhead platform, probably a drone in the area. At least that’s what it tells me. And for not mobilizing some response to protect the ambassador and those three Americans is just outrageous to me. Just outrageous.”

Dewhurst isn’t concerned that the government is shutdown, or that the nation is heading for default. Nope, his biggest concern for our country is that millions of Americans will get access to healthcare. He also seems obsessed with the widely debunked and completely untrue Benghazi conspiracy theory.

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The Lt. Governor’s comments illustrate why the United States is heading towards default. Republicans on the far right of their party are consumed by a desire to destroy the ACA that they are willing to destroy the country to harm this president. I suspect that since they can’t destroy Barack Obama the man, they are trying to symbolically destroy the president by getting rid of the ACA.

Republicans talk about impeaching Obama with the same regularity that other human beings breathe, but the idea that the president should be impeached while the Republican Party is in the process of torching the economy demonstrates a break with reality that is so severe that it is surprising even for a tea partier.

Tea party Republicans are already threatening to impeach Obama if they succeed in causing an economic default by not raising the debt ceiling, but some won’t be happy unless the president is impeached for having the nerve to win two presidential elections.

This nation is steaming towards default because the Republican Party is being led by and listening to a group of Americans that are completely detached from reality.

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