House Republicans Have Flip-Flopped on the ACA and Now Want to Fix Obamacare

House Republicans Have Flip-Flopped on the ACA and Now Want to Fix Obamacare


Facing all time record low popularity, House Republicans have completely shifted their position and announced that they want to fix the issues with Obamacare.

According to The Hill:

Republicans have shifted their strategy on ObamaCare.

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Weeks ago, many Republicans said ObamaCare — including Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) — was too broken to fix. But now, the GOP is drafting legislation that aims to do just that.

The GOP wants to rebuild its political capital and public credibility by solving ObamaCare’s implementation problems. This pivot comes after Republicans took major hits in polls following the government shutdown.

House Republicans want to fix the ACA because the law is getting more popular, while they are getting less popular. Before anyone gets too excited and thinks that a wave of sanity has ripped through John Boehner’s House Republicans, Boehner’s gang still wants to get rid of the ACA, but they are so desperate to keep their seats next year that they want to make it look like they actually care about people.

They aren’t doing anything that would make the law better. Instead, they are going to pass a bill that would allow people to keep the health insurance that they already have. Their plan won’t work, because some of the insurers that have cancelled junk policies have left the marketplace. Are House Republicans, these so called champions of small government, going to use their power as the government to make the insurance companies come back into the business and restore policies?

Some House Republicans have realized that fixing the problems that have cropped up with the law is much more popular than their efforts to repeal or defund it. It is still uncertain how many Republicans will vote for the fixes. The House Republicans are so completely dysfunctional that they might not be to pass anything other than a repeal, defund, or delay without heavy Democratic support.

Obamacare is more popular than the Republican Party, which is why House Republicans are hoping that a law that they have sword to destroy will save their seats in 2014.

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