Walmart Has Santa Claus Arrested at Black Friday Protest

Walmart Has Santa Claus Arrested at Black Friday Protest

Walmart is having workers and their supporters arrested across the country during today’s Black Friday protests. In Southern California, even Santa was arrested.

The arrests are piling up around the country, as 9 supporters of Walmart workers were arrested this morning in Alexandria, VA. Thirteen workers and supporters were arrested in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area according to Our Walmart. In Chicago, ten people were arrested at a Walmart protest.

The ultimate bad publicity came for Walmart when they arrested Santa in Southern California today.


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According to Our Walmart, the Santa shown above was soon arrested with a group of Walmart warehouse workers. Walmart will be trying to downplay these protests, but the bad publicity is impossible to avoid. Arresting Santa on their biggest shopping day of the year is not exactly the kind of publicity that Walmart wants.

There are 1,500 protests underway right now. These protests represent a large escalation over last year. Instead of taking the complaints of their workers seriously, Walmart has decided that they are going to crackdown on workers with arrests.

Arresting Santa is the Walmart way. Walmart workers couldn’t afford Thanksgiving dinner, because 800,000 Walmart workers are paid less than $25,000 a year. Walmart workers cost taxpayers $9,000 a year each in food stamp and Medicaid costs.

Santa believes in a living wage. This means that Walmart has to have Santa hauled off in cuffs.

Behind all of the holiday commercials, arresting Santa is the real face of Walmart.

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