Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News with a Parody of the 12 Days of Christmas

Stephen Colbert Mocks Fox News with a Parody of the 12 Days of Christmas

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Inspired by Former Arkansas Republican governor Mike Hucakbee’s bitter parody “The 12 Days of ObamaCare” on Fox, Stephen Colbert let his own parody rip on the Comedy Central last night.

Colbert’s “12 Days of ObamaCare” includes classics like “Herald Kathleen Sebelius, glory to ObamaCare”, “ObamaCare is beginning to look a lot like socialism”, “Feliz Death Panel, “a Healthcare manager ObamaCare made our Lord Jesus Cry”, and “Frosty the Biden.”

Watch here via Hulu:

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Colbert also rolled the “Mike Huckabee demonstrates his gift for musical parody with a jolly anti-Obamacare song” clip, in which Huckabee lamented the “12 Days of ObamaCare”. It was “funny” GOP style — bitter, mean and dead on arrival:

“On the first day of Obamacare gave to me a doctor I can’t keep. On the second day of ObamaCare gave to me two fumbled rollouts and a doctor I can’t keep… On the third day of ObamaCare gave to me a rate hike….” Yada yada. Whinging Christmas carols are all the rage on Fox!

Colbert was not impressed, especially with the “Five Harry Reids”, which he explained to his audience to no avail. Guess you had to be a hater to get that one.

Huckabee assured his audience that no one wanted ObamaCare, on the eve of the announcement that 1.2 million people were able to obtain health insurance by the end of November. Huckabee just ended his nationally syndicated radio show via a “mutual agreement” with Cumulus so maybe “no one” is relative. He is also making noises about another go at running for President, which is what Republicans who want another Fox contract do at Christmas.

Colbert ended with “Here Comes ObamaClaus down ObamaCare Lane”, which is exactly why Mike Huckabee is so sourpuss this Christmas, waging his very own War on Christmas with bitterness over everyone having access to healthcare. Huckabee can take comfort that this is just what Jesus would have done if only Jesus had a show on Fox.

Not to worry, patriots — when Paul Ryan leaves government work to hawk fake budgets on Fox whilst lifting weights for the arm chair patriots at home, he will be their Jesus, or so we are told by Republicans. Maybe they won’t be so bitter then.

Here comes Socialism! Happy Holidays.

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