Republicans Shudder as Hillary Clinton Is Set to Be a Major Factor in 2014

Republicans Shudder as Hillary Clinton Is Set to Be a Major Factor in 2014

hillary-clinton-chill-croppedHere’s some more bad news for Republicans. Hillary Clinton and her supporters are getting their operation together to endorse and campaign for Democratic congressional candidates.

USA Today reported:

Democratic campaign committee operatives say they hope Clinton will stump for her party in 2014, though they won’t say so on the record because she hasn’t yet discussed doing so. Republicans say they’re sure she will.

“We anticipate there will be some appearances … on the campaign trail and some testing in some of these races for themes and things that might work for the prospective Clinton campaign,” said Brad Dayspring, spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

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Clinton’s office would not comment on whether she will campaign for Democrats next year. “It’s still 2013, so a bit too early to start addressing 2014,” spokesman Nick Merrill said.


Political operatives say they can’t imagine Hillary Clinton not campaigning in 2014 if only because she again has close ties to several candidates, including Pryor, Grimes and New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, whose husband was Clinton’s state chairman in 2008. Guy Cecil, who is charged with preserving the Democratic majority in the Senate as executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, served as Clinton’s field director during her 2008 presidential run.

hillary-clinton-chillClinton’s presence in just a few Senate races could make the difference between Democrats keeping or losing their Senate majority. Sec. Clinton would be a huge asset in Senate races in places like Arkansas, Georgia, and Kentucky.

Republicans can say that they anticipate participation by Clinton, but they still have no effective way to counter the things that the Clintons bring to a campaign when they stump for Democrats. Unlike President Obama, Hillary Clinton is popular in some red states. Sending Obama into the Senate race in Kentucky wouldn’t be a good idea, but sending Hillary Clinton in would help Alison Grimes.

If Hillary Clinton impacts one Senate contest, the odds of Democrats holding their Senate majority increase greatly. Republicans can try to play it cool about Hillary Clinton being around, but the truth is that Republicans should be nervous. If she plays well and brings out big crowds in 2014, Republicans will get a tiny taste of what Hillary 2016 has in store for them.

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