Watch Live as President Obama Puts the Pressure on Boehner to Renew UI

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Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, 11:38 am


Now that Senate Democrats have shocked the political world by advancing the extension of unemployment benefits by moving on to a final vote by a margin of 60-37, the pressure is on Speaker John Boehner to respond. Here to help the Speaker feel that pressure is your President.

President Obama speaks on why it’s time for Congress to renew UI for Americans looking for a job – scheduled to be live at 11:40 AM EST, Jan 7th (I expect him to run late since this vote was a surprise). Watch here:

The President was planning to speak on this topic, but no one was expecting the unemployment benefit extension to advance in the Senate.

With a December 23 PPP poll showing Speaker John Boehner’s home district, finding overwhelming
bipartisan opposition to cutting off extended unemployment benefits at the end of this year, the President can probably smell House Republican blood in the water. The time to strike is now.

Obama will no doubt go out of his way to appeal to the people in order to force House Republicans to do the right thing.

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