Alison Lundergan Grimes Mocks Mitch McConnell’s Poor Job Creation Record with New Tumblr

Alison Lundergan Grimes Mocks Mitch McConnell’s Poor Job Creation Record with New Tumblr

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It’s almost like Republican Mitch McConnell agrees that Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes is the better person for the job in the Kentucky Senate race. He’s making this so easy. The Grimes campaign launched a tumblr mocking Mitch McConnell for not coming up with a jobs plan in over 30 years. This means that Grimes is going to force McConnell to discuss his dismal record on jobs; she is going to make this a central issue of the campaign, and that is bad news for Mitch.

McConnell hasn’t proposed a jobs bill for 30 years. Yes, you read the correctly. He also voted against raising the minimum wage and pay equity for women. Of voters polled in Kentucky, 57% want the minimum wage raised and 42% percent don’t want to vote for Mitch McConnell if he voted against raising the minimum wage.

If only someone would tell them… How to force that discussion?

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Grimes already launched her first jobs missile at McConnell. But she’s far from done. Another way Grimes is going to force this discussion is by launching the tumblr website she launched this week, called On the tumblr, her campaign points out that McConnell hasn’t proposed a jobs plan for 30 years, accompanied by the image of a blank word document and a waiting cursor- underneath, it says, “30 years is a long time to have writer’s block.”

Gosh, it sure is a long time. Seems kinda ridiculous that Mitch McConnell hasn’t been able to come up with a plan for Kentucky in 30 years. The Grimes campaign points out, “Kentucky’s unemployment rate remains higher than the national average and far too many Kentuckians are still looking for work. The Commonwealth’s middle-class families can no longer afford to pay the price for McConnell’s failed leadership.”

The fact that the state took a big hit in the coal industry is not McConnell’s fault, but he has failed to come up with new solutions. He has failed to even grasp the importance of jobs. He seems to think he’s above minimum wage workers, in that he obviously isn’t in DC to represent them or anyone else who isn’t a top 2%er. McConnell’s kind of out of touch entitlement is getting old.

The tumblr invites readers to “Share on Facebook, Tweet at Mitch, Email to Friends, and Sign the Petition.” In other words, if you want to be represented by someone who has a jobs plan, do the above things in order to force McConnell to have this discussion. Finally. After 30 years.

Maybe he just needed a push? Good thing Ms. Grimes came along to wake Mitch up from his 30 year jobless slumber. They are, after all, in a statistical dead heat per the latest poll, which the Grimes campaign pointed out marked “the ninth recent poll showing Alison Lundergan Grimes tied or ahead of Mitch McConnell.”

If I were Mitch, I’d be nervous, because a determined southern woman who is standing up for her family/constituents is a force to be reckoned with. I’m not sure McConnell is up to the task.

Alison Grimes has a jobs plan. She actually has a plan for the people of Kentucky, and it involves more than just vague complaints about how deregulating coal would trickle down (that’s Mitch McConnell’s “job plan”). So like the Steel Magnolia she is, Alison Grimes is going to have this jobs discussion no matter how quickly McConnell ducks and dodges.

Game on, Mitch. “Where are the jobs?”


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