GOP’s ACA Alternative Falls Apart As Eric Cantor Admits The Truth Behind the Lie

GOP’s ACA Alternative Falls Apart As Eric Cantor Admits The Truth Behind the Lie


The Republican alternative to the ACA is already falling apart as Majority Leader Eric Cantor admitted on Face The Nation that the plan is the same one that voters already rejected when John McCain and Mitt Romney both lost with it in 2008 and 2012.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

MAJOR GARRETT: Where is that going to come from and when are you going to draft it?

ERIC CANTOR: Well, that’s what we talked about today — this weekend — I mean this week at our retreat. I believe firmly that we will have a vote on an alternative for a healthcare system that works for people.


ERIC CANTOR: Well, I believe we will have it this year. We will have it this year. And you know what the reason is, Major, is Obamacare, I believe, is on borrowed time.

MAJOR GARRETT: So no more repeal votes, an alternative vote.

ERIC CANTOR: We will certainly — Obamacare, I think, again, is on borrowed time. It’s not working. And we want a healthcare system that works for all Americans. And in fact, we had a proposal, and the President continues to say that we didn’t have solutions, we put a solution forward in 2009 when Obamacare was passed. Many of the provisions in that proposal will be in our proposal going forward. You know, we’re going to deal…

MAJOR GARRETT: Who’s leading up that effort? And when will we see it?

ERIC CANTOR: Listen. Well first of all, let me talk about what’s in it. Because, you know, we are going to deal with those pre-existing conditions. We don’t want them to go without coverage. We just deal with it in a way, and provide high risk pools, so that we can limit the increase in costs for everybody else and do it in a much more effective manner. We say folks ought to have choice of their insurance companies. Let them purchase across state lines. Help bring down prices. And then we say, you know, we ought to have patient-centered care, not care dictated by Washington, which is why we want to promote health savings accounts. These are the kind of things that are in our proposal.

In the paragraph above, Cantor admitted the truth. Their ACA alternative is the same plan that both John McCain and Mitt Romney ran on and lost with in 2008 and 2012. Cantor claimed in the interview that Obamacare is living on borrowed time, but what he didn’t mention is that he voted in favor of funding the ACA this year.

Majority Leader Cantor and the rest of the Republican Party think that they can fool the American people into supporting the same lousy fake healthcare plan that voters have already rejected twice. While they are trying to sell this bogus alternative, Republicans are lying to their supporters with claims that Obamacare is living on borrowed time.

The whole GOP ACA alternative scheme is already falling apart. Their alternative would result in a 35% tax increase for the 150 million Americans who get their health insurance from their employer, and take away healthcare from 9.3 million Americans.

Republicans couldn’t sell this lie for very long. Eventually, somebody was going to ask a Republican leader, like Eric Cantor, what is in their plan. As soon as Cantor said buying insurance across state lines, it was clear that this the same pile of droppings that they have been trying to sell the American people for over a decade.

The truth is that the Republican plan is to get rid of the ACA, and go back to the way things used to be. Their 2014 candidates are going to run on the same healthcare “plan” that McCain and Romney already lost with.

Good luck with that.

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