Pennsylvania’s GOP Governor Tom Corbett On His Way Out As He Trails By 19 Points

Pennsylvania’s GOP Governor Tom Corbett On His Way Out As He Trails By 19 Points

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Quinnipiac University released a poll on Wednesday that shows nothing but terrible news for Tom Corbett, Pennsylvania’s incumbent Republican Governor. He trails against every potential Democratic candidate. However, against the odds-on favorite, businessman Tom Wolf, Corbett trails by a nearly insurmountable margin of 19 points, 52-33. It looks like it is time for Corbett to call the moving van because he’ll be looking for a new home after the November election.

The poll shows that Pennsylvania voters are sick and tired of Corbett and just want him gone. 55% state that he does not deserve to be reelected, with only 34% saying he should be given a second term. Corbett only has a 36% approval rating. 52% of voters disapprove of the way he is doing his job. In fact, Pennsylvania voters disapprove of the way Corbett has handled pretty much every major issue.

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Only 31% approve of the way the Governor has dealt with the state’s economy. Worse, only 29% feel he has done a good job handling health care. The same percentage of voters also approve of the way he has handled the state’s spending. A solid majority, 55%, feel that Corbett does not care about their needs or problems. Only 28% have a favorable view of the Governor, with 46% seeing him in a negative light.

As for Wolf, there are still a decent amount of Pennsylvania voters that do not know much about him. However, those that do have a very favorable view of him. 42% see Wolf favorably while only 9% have a negative view of the York County businessman. The 65-year old Wolf has been able to self-finance much of his early campaign. That has helped him get his name out there and build up his recognition among voters. It has obviously helped, as he is now the clear front-runner in the race.

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