Job Killing Criminal John Boehner Blames President Obama For His Crimes

Job Killing Criminal John Boehner Blames President Obama For His Crimes

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Anyone familiar with the criminal justice system has likely heard criminals caught in the act of committing a crime blame someone else, and then feign outrage that law enforcement does not believe their lies. It is what criminals do and it would be one thing to blame another person if there were doubts surrounding who committed the crime, but when there is overwhelming evidence and eyewitnesses the criminal begins looking desperate as well as guilty. For over three years Republicans have done nothing in Congress except obstruct progress, kill millions of jobs, downgrade America’s credit rating, shutdown the government, and block attempts to help the economy and millions of struggling Americans. Now they are signaling they will spend yet another year drawing their bloated salaries while doing nothing throughout 2014. Yesterday Republicans accused President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the GOP’s do nothing plan for 2014, and they sound like career criminals shifting blame for their inaction on the President.

Yesterday Speaker John Boehner defended House Republicans’ 2014 do-nothing approach on immigration, tax reform, and replacing the Affordable Care Act, and claimed Republicans would avoid repeating mistakes Democrats made when they held the House and actually passed legislation to save the economy and create jobs. Boehner attacked President Obama during his weekly Capitol press conference for intending to “pack it in for the year” and said Republicans would, by contrast, demonstrate leadership by doing nothing as their way of “presenting an alternative vision to the country.” Boehner promised that “We’ll lead and our members will not shy away from advancing better solutions for the American people.” However, when Boehner was pressed if he would allow votes on major legislation he said the best House Republicans would do is continue “conversations” in coming months.

It is despicable of Boehner to claim the President intends on doing nothing this year, particularly when House Republicans are supporting a bill to reverse the President’s executive orders as a result of Republicans doing nothing for the American people. Republicans are furious that the President satisfied their demands that he delay the employer mandate in the ACA and for “extending substandard health insurance plans” Republicans insisted he leave in place for moronic Americans intent on keeping their junk healthcare policies.  Republicans are still livid the President said he would enact policies within his Constitutional power if Republicans continued failing to do their jobs during his State of the Union speech. It is typically criminal of Boehner to blame the President for inaction when he took action because Republicans announced they were not going to work for the people this year.

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Boehner did announce Republicans would vote, and pass, another Ryan budget despite just passing a two-year budget in December. Ryan said his budget will address income inequality by giving deficit-growing tax cuts to the rich and corporations, and rein in “entitlement” spending by ending Medicare and slashing Social Security. Ryan partially funds outrageous tax cuts for the rich by slashing domestic programs Americans need, and will put the balance on the nation’s credit card to increase the deficit. It is another monumental waste of time because Ryan’s budget is unnecessary for two years and will never get past the Presidents’ veto pen or the Senate. Speaking of the Senate, Republicans signaled they will use their typical obstruction tactics to ensure nothing gets accomplished.

On the Senate side it was Bob Corker (R-TN) announcing there would be nothing accomplished in the upper chamber because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is Vladimir Putin for refusing to allow Republican sanctions on Iran in legislation for Veterans’ healthcare; Republicans used a procedural tactic to block the Veteran’s bill. Corker joined Mitch McConnell in blaming Reid for bringing Congress to a halt because of last year’s vote changing filibuster rules for the President’s judicial and administrative nominees. Corker parroted McConnell that tax and immigration reform are dead for the year because Republicans are in the minority and President Obama is not threatening military action around the world.  Corker said, “Understand McConnell’s position, if you allow people just to run roughshod over you — just like we’re seeing right now with Putin in Russia, right, where he’s getting no pushback from the United States …  if you don’t have any pushback, then obviously people will continue taking advantage of you. The Senate has been on the verge of a death spiral now for several months. The U.S. Senate will not function in an appropriate way with the leadership we have now.”

Corker also blamed President Obama for Republican inaction because he is not ready to invade Syria and threaten Russia with a new cold war. He said, “We’re talking about the things our office needs to do to push the administration to really take a strong position here. Right now it seems the president really doesn’t have a plan. Like so many other foreign policy crises.” Foreign policy crises that the President has time and again resolved with diplomacy instead of military action that Republicans lust for to enrich their donors in the military industrial complex; particularly the oil industry. The point is that Senate Republicans will see that nothing is accomplished in the Senate because the President and Democrats are not following Republican orders.

This is not the first time Republicans have blamed President Obama for their inability, and refusal, to do the work of the people they were sent to Washington to do. In fact, Republicans are doing exactly what they plotted in secret on Inauguration night in 2009, only they have the audacity to publicly announce their intent to do nothing and blame the President. It is a typically criminal ploy that Americans should see through and be outraged that their hard-earned tax dollars are used to pay Republicans to sit on their hands, obstruct progress, and then claim they are not working because it is the President’s fault. It is not only a typical criminal ploy, it is typically racist to blame the nearest African American who happens to sit in the Oval Office.

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