Desperate Rush Limbaugh Spreads a Rumor That Hillary Clinton is Too Sick to Run In 2016

Desperate Rush Limbaugh Spreads a Rumor That Hillary Clinton is Too Sick to Run In 2016


Rush Limbaugh is so desperate to stop Hillary Clinton from running for president that he is spreading a sleazy rumor about the former Sec. of State’s health.

Audio courtesy of Media Matters:

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Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton’s health. Again, I just want to stress: She either is sick… Let me give you history of this, by the way, and it’s not just conservatives who are focusing on Mrs. Clinton’s health. Apparently she was hospitalized in 2013, is that right? Yeah.

Her “health made headlines as she finished her term as secretary of state: aides explained then that she developed a stomach virus, hit her head, suffered a concussion and subsequently developed a blood clot in her brain but was being medicated and was expected to recover. But skeptics say there is much more the story of her health…” So she was hospitalized for that concussion and so forth.

Melinda Henneberger, I think, used to write at TIME or US News and is now at the Washington Post. Melinda Henneberger “wrote a piece titled, ‘How sick is Hillary Clinton?'” Melinda Henneberger a big lib, is the point here. “‘Already,’ Henneberger wrote, ‘reports that describe Clinton’s right transverse sinus venous thrombosis as potentially life-threatening…” A-ha.

So Hillary’s “right transverse sinus venous thrombosis [was] potentially life-threatening, though apparently caught in enough time, sound a lot more serious than the word from her doctors that the secretary is ‘making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery. She is in good spirits, engaging with her doctors, her family and her staff.'” But you had here the Drive-By Media not really believing that, and then Melinda Henneberger said, will we “really be shocked to learn down the road that reports during her hospitalization had put a positive spin on her condition?”

So it’s not just so-called conservatives or Republicans coming up with this. This has long been speculated by Drive-By Media types. So she either she’s sick — which we hope she’s not — or this is a massive rumor campaign that has begun, and if it is a rumor campaign, I just want to go on record. If this indeed is established as a rumor campaign, my prediction is that a Democrat is behind it. There will be a lot of Republicans trying to take credit for it if it’s a rumor campaign that ends up being successful in terms of damaging her chances to win the presidency.

Rush Limbaugh got the story from The Daily Caller, who got the story from a 2013 National Enquirer article. The Globe also ran a story about Clinton having cancer, but I would like to think that the Daily Caller’s journalistic standards would compel them to go with the much more highbrow Enquirer.

Republicans are so desperate to stop Hillary Clinton that they are dredging up old National Enquirer stories about her health in order to spread false rumors about her. The brain cancer rumor was debunked in 2012, but this hasn’t stopped Tucker Carlson’s right wing tabloid and Rush Limbaugh from trying to plant seeds of doubt about Mrs. Clinton’s health.

Limbaugh’s idea that a Democrat started this rumor is ridiculous when it is conservative websites and talk show hosts who are frantically trying to get this story off the ground.

Hillary Clinton is probably healthier than Rush Limbaugh. Heck, she’s probably going to outlive Limbaugh. It’s shocking to see that Republicans are getting so desperate so soon to stop Hillary Clinton.

Republicans know that they can’t beat former Sec. Clinton. The only chance that they have is if they can scare her out of running.

The Clintons don’t seem like they are afraid of anything. Hillary Clinton eats marshmallows like Rush Limbaugh for lunch.

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