While Hiding From The Tea Party John Boehner Demands That Obama Stand Up to ‘Thug’ Putin

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Monday, March, 3rd, 2014, 1:44 pm

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John Boehner is demanding that President Obama stand up to “thug” Putin while the Speaker continues to be bullied by the tea party.

Boehner told the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The time has come to join with Europe to impose sanctions against Russia, House Speaker John Boehner said in an exclusive meeting at The Enquirer Monday.

But Boehner did not say what sanctions should be taken in the wake of Russia’s threatening military action in Ukraine.

“It’s time to stand up to (Vladimir) Putin,” Boehner said, calling the Russian leader a “thug.”

“At what point do you say enough is enough. We are at that point.”

John Boehner has allowed himself to be bullied by the “thugs” in the far right wing of his House caucus, but he is calling on President Obama to stand up to the “thug” in Russia. Of all the Republicans who could make the Obama is a weak leader argument, John Boehner is the very last one on that list.

Boehner has managed to fall to the depths of being one of the worst House Speakers in the history of the nation. He achieved this distinction by allowing the extremist House Republicans to lead him because he decided that he would rather be keeping his job than actually doing it.

In Boehner’s defense, he isn’t advocating for war like so many other Republicans already seem to be. His call for the United States to join with Europe in imposing sanctions on Russia appears to be right in line with where the Obama administration is heading. There most likely will be an economic aid package for Ukraine combined with sanctions on Russia.

It takes some kind of nerve for John Boehner to call on Obama to stand up to thugs, when he has been hiding under his desk in fear of the tea party House Republicans for three years.

Before he starts dishing it out, Boehner should take his own advice and stand up to the extremists in his House.

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