Lindsey Graham Calls President Obama Weak But Hates The Vets

Lindsey Graham Calls President Obama Weak But Hates The Vets

Image Courtesy of Occupy Democrats

Lindsey Lindsey Lindsey. It’s funny how

Lindsey Graham Calls Obama Weak and Indecisive For Not Already Going to War With Russia

according to fellow PoliticusUSA writer Jason Easley, but Graham was one of 41 Republican Senators who blocked benefits for military vets.

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Even the Republicans are surprised after I posted the above photo in Facebook. ONE person spoke up and it was a woman:

Tim Fromla Now we have other things to worry about the DUMBOCRATS:
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Facebook User I really am shocked that there are zero VA democrats listed here! They ALWAYS vote for things not good..
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Tim Fromla
Well apparently, John McCain, the injured war hero and Senator voted no for benefits for the troops.

I wrote that on Facebook while also posting a link of the photo criticizing Democrats and someone took the bait. The Republican Facebook User was surprised that not one Democratic Senator voted against the bill created by Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders.

The reason the Republicans threw Senate bill 1982 out? It was too expensive…yet these same Republicans are willing to spend taxpayer money to contractors and lobbyists as well as provide tax breaks for the wealthy and their corporate cronies.

Yet, improve the provision of medical services and benefits to veterans, and for other purposes, and the Republicans call it pork. Graham apparently does not mind sending a soldier to war and spending money while not supporting the veterans who deserve better pay and benefits. A Republican warned about the Military Industrial Complex, yet Graham et al couldn’t care less and would want to see ALL of the vets gone…they are worthless in the Republicans’ eyes. Veterans, in the eyes of Republicans, are just fodder for the party’s reelection and being the party of pro-life, well, it sure goes counter of their belief.

So what I am doing is posting the photo on Facebook and Twitter, and hopefully, Sanders’ bill will make it through the Senate. I also find it ironic that an injured-Vietnam-vet-turned-Senator voted against his own people…and that is AZ Senator John McCain.

The pièce de résistance:

Lindsey Graham, like John McCain, is pushing for war with Russia.

He wants us to go to war with Russia…gee I wonder why? Maybe because the Republican Party realizes that the people are no longer scared, that after 9/11 and the lies and deceit the Bush Administration acted out, people are finally waking up. Also, a lot of the right-winged online rags are saying Putin is not scared of the west.

I went back to the Facebook page and still, no comments other than the Facebook user but my comment is still up and hopefully when the link to the photo is opened, the Republicans would call the elected reps on the list and promise them that if they cut the budget for the vets who served, the Senators would be voted out of office.

Sadly, many of the Republicans are blaming the President for the cut in benefits because of the military downsizing, but the only way benefits get cut if the Congress does not support the troops in the first place.

So Senator Graham and the rest of the rogues gallery of idiots will just cut and allow the soldiers to fend for themselves, even though these same morons want to go to war with Russia. Oh and apparently:

Putin: military force would be ‘last resort’ in Ukraine.

So why do we need to go to Russia?

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